Oh Look All You “Cool” Kids An ISIS Threat - WWJD - What Will Jacinda Do?

So the inevitable has happened and ISIS have after a six month hiatus come out allegedly with propaganda of their own.  I will not link to the video of course, just the story of it from the NY Times (so it must be all true)

Big boy and girl pants time now.  Or as the great Sir Alex Ferguson used to coin it - squeaky bum time.

Some random impertinent thoughts:

1. Let’s see how quickly ALL NZ and Australian Muslim leaders run to get in front of the media and strongly condemn such reprisals.  Leading the way will be Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman

2. I expect Mother Jacinda AND Winston Raymond Peters to stand arm and arm with these Muslim leaders as they do.

3. I expect Muslim leaders to do so without saying “this has nothing to do with Islam” and instead say that ISIS are wrong, their interpolation is a sick twisted version of Islam, and anyone that subscribed to it is not welcome at any mosque in NZ.  Then say it again in Arabic.

4. I look for the mad rush by our political leaders to force You Tube, Facebook and all providers to take down this 44 minute audio message.

5. I look forward to Mike Bush and his latest signer to share the news that anyone sharing this faces 10-14 years in prison.

6. I look forward to the letters from telcos banning access to web sites and social media promoting this 44 minute recording.

7. I look forward to the virtue signalling political classes to  jump over themselves to denounce this. I look forward to them protesting in the streets arm in arm with Muslims they have now embraced, to condemn this.

8. I look forward to Jacinda Ardern never mentioning the name Abu Hassan al-Muhajir (if that is his real name). The NY Times stating "Mr. al-Muhajir — the name is an invention, and his true identity is unknown — is a faceless but important figure inside the terrorist group. He is not known to have ever appeared in photographs or in the group’s numerous videos, and almost nothing is known about his personal biography'.

9. I look forward to Nigel Latta explaining to parents how to tell their children how to handle this threat and why Mum has told them they cannot go near train stations, concerts and churches for the foreseeable future.

10. I look forward of course to waking up in the morning with absolutely none of this happening.

The NZ chattering virtue signalling political classes really do need to learn how to share grief and not steal it from its current rightful owners. 


  1. All will virtue signal, all sides of the argument. Nothing will change apart from the freedom of discourse for the ordinary person. The ordinary everyday person will not longer be allowed to vent off steam when something upsets them. What a bland boring lot we will become. When will people realise that man/womankind is not a pleasant animal we are nasty, our strength lies in being able to deal with any nastiness on a personal level, as an individual. That is changing rapidly, the state knows best will soon be the answer, no individual thoughts allowed.


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