The NZ Political Left And The Uranium On Their Breath

The face you make when you realise you're allowing Winston Peters to speak on your behalf to immigrants.

“We never thought it could happen in NZ”, “This is not us”...."Kia Kaha Christchurch"..."Resilience".  (insert random cliches).

I’m sorry NZ but this is you and it has happened. Put your big girl and boy pants on.

For many years NZ has lived in a child-like utopia that terrorism doesn’t happen to us if we are all nice to people. We sit on the fence on diplomatic matters. It will never happen in such a quiet place. If we stay still we will never be a target. We have strict gun laws as opposed to America and this will never happen. 

Well it has happened and now NZ has to face facts that it is a grown up in a grown ups world.

We now await a Muslim terror response to a young white male Australian with a  penchant to travel in North Korea and China, coming to Christchurch and acting in what seems to be entirely on his own   in live action  to shoot up two mosques.  How safe are you and your family from Muslim reprisals? It is a natural first reaction and a common one.

“They are us” is a Mike Munroesque slogan concocted brilliantly on the hoof for his prized PR vessel in Jacinda Ardern to spread meme wise as she did joyously once gaining the PM spoils with a rampant - “let’s do this”. The problem is of course is the fundamentalist Muslims operating in radicalised terror cells through mosques worldwide are not like “us”.  Just as the radicalised Christians are not like “us”. They are only remotely similar to “us” more than 1000 years ago when we all had shit embarrassing relatives bashing each other with clubs and murdering each other when they knew no better.

Fundamentalist Muslims would never allow a woman like Ardern to lead them let alone one who appeared a bit stroppy. They would never allow gays and lesbians to have any rights at all let alone marry. They would never allow a woman with or without a headscarf to run the sidelines in a rugby match as a commentator let alone a player. They are in many many ways completely different to us, they do not share our freedoms. We give them those freedoms to operate in NZ because we are an open country but Muslim countries would not give us those freedoms in return should we choose to migrate there.

The very NZers pedalling this social media grope fest have probably never been in a mosque in their life let alone have muslim friends. Muslims, like many other religious groups keep to themselves and have not integrated fully into NZ middle class society.  They are and always have operated on the outer. Middle class grief however is all around us and it’s sanctimoniously sickening and I will tell you why.

The woke left and their placard waving friends are attempting to smear the political “right” with this attack. Every politician seems to be making extra effort to call Brenton Harrison Tarrant a right wing extremist. They are attempting to smear everyone to the right of centre with this brush. That somehow we are all responsible for this young white Australian male Brenton Harrison Tarrant. They are then using this to  attempt to silence those in the media who appear to be to the centre right of politics by spreading this nonsense that they disseminate hate speech just for talking about these topics in a way to engage in a debate.

I wear being right wing as a badge of honour. I am proud of the sort of politics I support. Brenton Harrison Tarrant didn’t and he was not proud. His manifesto said this: 

Were/are you left wing? Depending on the definition sure. 
Were/are you a Socialist? Depending on the definition.

Said no real neoliberal right winger - EVER. 

The media have refused to publish Brenton Harrison Tarrant’s manifesto online and they’re doing that for a reason that is very sinister. Because if they did publish it online they couldn’t cherry pick quotes to suit their sensationalist headlines.   You would read it and decide on Brenton Harrison Tarrant for yourselves.

For this reason I will link here.

It is important you at least start reading it.  The media have.  They have pawed all over it so don't let them think they are suddenly being virtuous by not linking to it.  They are frightened at the response of the woke left yelling and screaming at them.

Any reasonable and intelligent person getting to the end would conclude Brenton Harrison Tarrant is not someone who would vote for Donald Trump and he’s not someone who would know the difference between Rand, Hayek, Von Mises, Popper and quite frankly a second hand green John Deere tractor. He’s grown up to be a complete fucking loon who was so successful in killing and acted under any radar of authorities because he acted alone. As they say two people can keep a secret when one of them is dead. 

So yes Brenton Harrison Tarrant compares himself to Mandela and thinks he will get a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously.

These were his words.   The show trial will be immense. Little wonder that Ardern will look to deport him.

Being right wing, supporting freedom of speech for right wing ideals and with it left wing ideals is not what this guy was about. Unlike those on the left currently those of us on the right equally support those on the left to be given equal speaking time in any debate as we back them to stuff their arguments consistently the more time they’re given to express them. Many of those of us on the right in NZ would have possibly voted for Hillary over Trump on a policy basis. Trump is Muldoon populist red protectionalism. 

In other words - Winston Raymond Peters.

Being right wing to me means believing in free market ideals, open immigration where skills are needed, free trade and access to international markets, as little government intervention as possible and having the best people in your country to help your country become better. It means more opportunity for hard working immigrants. Quite often we ARE those bloody immigrants!

It’s not about closed borders. It’s not about denying people opportunity to build their businesses if they’re hard working and wish to contribute to a country. It’s not about wounding and killing people in places of prayer or on the streets.

Which is why when I have seen Winston Peters standing or sitting next to Jacinda Ardern during this last 48 hours, I wish to reach for The Warehouse large Chinese made red sick bucket.

If anyone’s politics have caused the likes of Brenton Harrison Tarrant to attack people praying on a Friday afternoon at a mosque in Christchurch it is not the uninspiring  pink Tory wets across from the House, it has been that noxious prick sitting next to them. Winston Raymond Peters. Just a couple of thousands of examples available online:

“In 2005, he decried the “militant underbelly” of the New Zealand Muslim community. Peters allowed that local Muslims have “been quick to show us their more moderate face”. But, he said, the “two groups, the moderate and militant, fit hand and glove.””

Ugh. Hmmm...”local muslims” “moderate face”.  In other words - we like Muslims to be compliant and like us but you cannot separate the militant and the moderate.  Yes Peters said this.  The media outside of NZ have picked this up:

Now the country’s deputy prime minister, Peters has repeatedly described New Zealand as being colonized by immigrants. In 2002, he claimed that New Zealand was “letting in” Muslims banned from “Muslim Arab countries” for their security risk and “political baggage” and “giving them housing, health and governmental blessing.””

Hello.  Fraser Anning anyone?

Winston Raymond Peters is not right wing. He is not #oneofus. Winston Raymond Peters is the spreader of this racial division that allows men like Brenton Harrison Tarrant to get excited and prosper. Winston Raymond Peters of course doesn’t believe in cutting immigration, hating Muslims and keeping his promises. He never does. This makes what he says to get votes even worse. He thinks he can talk about it, flirt with these voters, take the votes and never put his words into action.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant did put the rhetoric into action and he is now so powerful he managed to get a major rugby match cancelled. We let him do that. The NZ Warriors played on and dedicated their win to the victims. They didn’t let Brenton Harrison Tarrant change their plans. The last time a major rugby match was cancelled in NZ surely was the time of John Minto when the Springboks toured. Winston Raymond Peters gave Brenton Harrison Tarrant the platform to do this. 

And the woke leftists are not opposed to what Winston Raymond Peters gives and gave them in return. He gives them now the one thing they never had for nine years - power. He gives them privilege. He gives them links, opportunities for Knighthoods, UN appointments, superannuation, business travel and sex appeal. And they invited his anti-immigration, anti-Muslim ideals into their tent. It doesn’t matter how contrite or silent Peters is now, he pedalled this amongst the supporters he has and they elected him.  New Zealand First is definitely not Muslims First.  New Zealand First voters would not dream for one second of thinking Muslims in a mosque in Christchurch are "us".

If the woke left are looking for anyone to blame in this tragedy they need not look across at National but look no further than who they got into bed with. And themselves.  Those amazing anti-Muslim pull quotes of Winston Raymond Peters.

They should suffer the consequences now of that lack of judgment. But instead they’re blaming the “right” and the alleged agents of the right in NZ media.  The left wish to use this incident to deplatform anyone not agreeing with them.  Regardless of the issues.

No Mike Munro speech special in this tawdry nightmare forever on Sky News Australia called the “Christchurch Mosque Massacre” could ever take away the taint now of the Uranium smelling Winston Raymond Peters on their morning breath while they lie in bed gripped in their coalition coitus.

One question for Labour and the Greens when someone in the media has the guts to actually question  as to why this guy is on your team - Was it worth it?


  1. In a (large) nutshell.

    I met my neighbour for the first time yesterday and he said that he doesn't own a TV nor does he listen to or read the news as he considers his life far more peaceful not to be propagandised by a lying media. My sentiments exactly, although I haven't cut myself off from events to that degree.

    Even the Ozzie PM, supposedly a conservative, is calling this Tarrant swine a right-wing supremacist. He's brainwashed as well!

    Thanks for a good take on the on-going 21st century lunacy, Cathy.

  2. This certainly provides food for thought. We do have freedom of speech and should preserve that. However, I wouldn't be too hasty in rushing to the battlements in either fort.

  3. And regrettably ANZUS is no longer us. Slapping Trump in the face when extending the hand of friendship was naive at best.
    We have no allies in the event of reprisals and ‘we’ can assume there ‘may’ be and the seeding and planning stages will be long and involved. The Chinese might be able to give us the intell assistance required as the goons at GCSB are not fit to eavesdrop in on an Anki Overdrive tournament. But we screwed shit royally there. So we’ve got a threat of reprisals with no buffer and the hand of government has two fingers to masturbate with in NZ First and the Greens. Peters has leprosy and has infected two key influences and their may be reprisals.


    Who haven’t we pissed off that can come to the party if we need a player in our corner? The Canadians (nope) and the Slavs.

  4. 'Being right wing to me means believing in free market ideals, open immigration where skills are needed, free trade and access to international markets, as little government intervention as possible and having the best people in your country to help your country become better. It means more opportunity for hard working immigrants.'

    very good dear..and of course you believe in the Easter Bunny..and!


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