Winston Raymond Peters and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan - Two Peas In A Love Pod

My initial reaction is that Winston Raymond Peters (WRP) should not go to Turkey as a form of protest against threats to send New Zealanders home in a body bag like our ancestors. Charming.

As tempting as it was to think WRP could reach a sticky end, I was wondering what the hell death wish he had once the local consul prepared some due diligence on their visitor.

The problem is that the more I read of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (RTE) the more I see he is full of as much shit as WRP.  They could possibly get along, if only RTE could take some whisky diplomacy.

At the weekend Erdogan used extracts of video footage of the attack in one of his election campaign rallies to condemn Islamophobia in Western countries.

Peters said he was heading to Turkey to put the record straight.
"They asked me to come and I'm going to go.

"I certainly intend to put New Zealand's record as being an innocent party to an act of a foreigner in our country."

I do not even need to link to WRP and his anti-Muslim and immigrant comments last election during his campaign.  Let alone further back.  It is his bread and butter.

Going to Turkey to meet with RTE is right up there with WRP's silly statement to be the first to enter Pike River. Posturing.  RTE praises our weak reaction to the Washington Post in an op-ed piece.  Hello, WaPo would not have published a piece of hate speech would they?  WRP has spent his entire time as Foreign Minister offshore possibly presenting the same sort of charm waiting for election year to come back to NZ and be the total prick we know and some love. Peas. Pod.

A quick read of the wikipedia of RTE reveals his greatest hits:

Erdoğan also tightened controls over the internet, signing into law a bill which allows the government to block websites without prior court order on 12 September 2014.[403] His government blocked Twitter and YouTube in late March 2014 following the release of a recording of a conversation between him and his son Bilal, where Erdoğan allegedly warned his family to 'nullify' all cash reserves at their home amid the 2013 corruption scandal.[404] Erdoğan has undertaken a media campaign that attempts to portray the presidential family as frugal and simple-living; their palace electricity-bill is estimated at $500,000 per month.[405]

In May 2016, former Miss Turkey model Merve Büyüksaraç was sentenced to more than a year in prison for allegedly insulting the president.[406][407][408] In a 2016 news story, Bloomberg reported, "more than 2,000 cases have been opened against journalists, cartoonists, teachers, a former Miss Turkey, and even schoolchildren in the past two years."[409]

In November 2016, the Turkish government[264] blocked access to social media in all of Turkey[22] as well as sought to completely block internet access for the citizens in the Southeast of the country.[23] 

Seems like a top bloke.

RTE names Brenton Harrison Tarrant.  Like those of us who are sensible we are not afraid to say his name.  The more I read about him, the more I think he was a lonely young man who had been jilted by a Muslim woman and her family and took revenge on the entire religion with hatred.  Media are yet to find a girlfriend  after all these international travels are they? A well travelled young white man with an inheritance in his pocket and alleged bitcoin proceeds is never without constant female company. The ultimate charisma man.

WRP's defence of " but he's Australian" is more likely to upset our good friends in Australia.  They have reacted predictably with an iron fist of rage.

What New Zealanders fail to realise is what I have learned in the last 15+ years of being an expat. No-one cares less if you say you are from New Zealand, they find it cute in the same way you do a small puppy.  That "oh shucks everyone likes us" nonsense doesn't get you very far.  It more often than not gets you ripped off or taken advantage of.   Most people you meet assume it is a State of Australia anyway and they might have heard of the term ANZAC so we are inseparable.  Once you have been away from New Zealand you lose your accent and sound more Australian than a New Zealander and offshore you are defined by your accent.

Apart from staying at the Soho House in Turkey I have zero ambition to ever visit the country, putting aside being often a solo female traveller not known to put up with chauvinistic behaviour from locals. Yes and also I’m probably now on the President’s watch-list.   Unlike Mother Jacinda and New Zealanders on Friday I do not care what the situation is, you would have zero chance of seeing me in any headgear but a baseball cap if it was sunny.  All that said every Turkish person I have met outside of their country has been very nice and accomodating.

Here is the NZ travel advisory warning currently for Turkey. It makes for poor reading if you take it literally.  Mind you here is the current advisory for Australia.

"The current national threat system assesses the likelihood of an act of terrorism occurring in Australia as ‘Probable’ (level three on a five level scale).  
Australia remains a target of terrorist interest, both from international terror groups and from domestic-based extremists. Credible intelligence, assessed by Australian authorities indicates that individuals or groups have developed both the intent and capability to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia. 
Attacks could be indiscriminate, and occur anywhere at anytime"

Cheers. Thanks for that.  If you took that website literally you would never walk by the letterbox in the morning.  Bloody hopeless.

Australia's currently on New Zealand?  They couldn't care less.

On 15 March 2019, a terrorist attack occurred in Christchurch, killing and injuring many people. The level of our advice has not changed - ‘Exercise normal safety precautions’ in New Zealand.

Anyway I now have zero concerns for WRP. At best he is going to bond with RTE and hold his hand in the same way Phil Goff did with Yasser Arafat.

At worst, he is going to be internationally humiliated for electoral gain right in the middle of a Turkish election.  RTE has gone very hard against anyone spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric this election.  What better chance to prove his might than invite a guilty party of that over and send him home without his figurative testicles attached?



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