At Least It Is Official Now The Herald Has Turned Chinese

The Herald's new pay per view website has hit the ground running and by far the most noteworthy event was their giving in and just calling it is what it is.

I wonder if they charge the Chinese the same rate for advertorial in this section?

Also it would be fun if a native Chinese speaker could translate what some of these stories actually say and if the Herald is allowing propaganda to be pushed to one part of the community.  

My former University buddy and good friend; left-wing extremist and hate speech merchant Martyn Bradbury, has this rather humorous look at what he thinks should be behind the paywall.  I have bolded where we agree with my add ons in red. 

Behind the Wall

Mike Hosking, Kate Hawkesby, Heather du Plessis-Allan and Barry Soper. The real housewives & husbands of Parnell ZB Troll farm that the Herald has become (thanks to their content sharing arrangement with ZB) means that week after week the Government is showered with biased hot takes that makes Tova O’Brien look like a seasoned and wise Jedi master of current affairs. Please put these yapping lapdogs of the establishment behind your paywall, hell I’d pay to have them behind a paywall – is that possible? (and lets put all the left-wing bias opinion and columnists behind there as well just to balance it up)
Lizzie Marvelly’s 10 millionth column on how shit men are was celebrated last year and while we all need to know how shit men are, and yes we are shit, God we are shit, we really need to be killed because we are shit – I just feel like I’ve gotten the gist of whatever she’s written without reading it now. Like, I kinda felt I hit that stage at the 5 millionth mark, but that’s just the heteronormative patriarchy in me speaking. Lizzie is an important voice saying the same thing forever and her amazing content should be behind a paywall. As men, we should be forced to pay to hear how shit we are, you know, as part of our ongoing obligations to narrow the gender pay gap.
Fran O’Sullivan – seeing as Fran is a good friend of China, shouldn’t she be behind a paywall? Like in a panda enclosure? (lol, Pandas can live up to 30 years in captivity I guess)
Any news story whose sources are people on twitter.
Any news story about a fight on twitter.
Any news story about someone taking offence on twitter. (x10000000)
Any news story about twitter.
Any news story using Facebook as a source.
All of the ‘Lifestyle’ section. (I would also add specifically anything unfunny by Steve Braunias currently)
Mummy bloggers. Please sweet baby Jesus, bloody mummy bloggers. (but columns from Daddy bloggers pretending to be father of the year for changing one nappy a week, taking their kid out  or actually finally paying child support, are okay?)
Anything reprinted from the Spinoff (x10000000)
Property speculation content masquerading as a service. (advertorial for all the realestate ads they have to keep the agents in sweet)
Anything that is a ‘joint content project’ between Big Dairy and Big Oil. (ie. PAID)
Anything written by Duncan Garner. (I haven't noticed anything by him as of late)
Climate denial editorials. (Warmists in the pocket of bullshit "eco friendly" companies get my vote"as do editorials with CEO's sanctimoniously claiming "we are better than you as we don't use plastic straws or bags")
John Roughan, we’ve heard quite enough from John Key’s biographer thanks. You couldn’t pay me to read his stuff.

As an aside though it is good to see Martyn taking time out for some humour in amongst trying to sue the Police taxpayers for I bet a sum more ridiculous than any defamation action involving Colin Craig. This sum will no doubt be equivalent to a new house in Auckland (he says in complaining about house prices he cannot afford) all for apparently ruining his previously impeccable credit limit (needing an overdraft for his blog) and some hurty feelings and breach of privacy (after gleefully applauding his political opponents much greater breach of privacy). 

This already blown up and engineered tale of his own woe, was a result of non-journalist (so cannot hide behind their legal protections) Martyn acting, in his own words, as a "political consultant" even providing a dreamy quote for his services of $8,000 per month.  In typical style  bragging everywhere he was assisting in the Internet Party campaign, and dropping bombs and hints as usual, snidely about what inside knowledge he had of hacked materials.  The Police, in their defence, do not have the insight that everyone else does in the blogosphere of years having him around. That is, if you are going to run a dangerous, dastardly strategy breaking the law that could result in incarceration, Martyn would be one of the two people top of the list you would actually not involve.

While some over "there" remained silently cautious on what they posted and said during that time, Martyn was the author solely of his own misfortune via blind pathological hatred of his political opponent, that led to his own loud mouthing that probably saw the Police investigate him no matter how briefly.  And I can say this having zero role whatsoever in the police investigation, having never spoken to any officer of the law or provided any evidence during that time - they bloody well should have.


  1. Cam Slater? Hacked or stolen emails?

    1. I should have used "illegally obtained" I guess to avoid having to expend anymore brain cells of anyone worrying about something now irrelevant.


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