Where is the Sri Lanka Call?

One lone Australian called Brenton Harrison Tarrant commits mass murder in mosques in Christchurch.  There is no evidence whatsoever he acted in conjunction with anyone else.  He films it,  fewer than 4000 people watch it live, everyone else watching it has done so entirely by choice.  

Thee who Mother Ardern is too afraid to name

Despite not wanting to give him a profile, Brenton Harrison Tarrant is now getting an entire world conference in Paris named after the city where he committed these atrocities.  Pronounced with a bad New Zealand accent the "Christchurch Call" has an unfortunate ring of another vowel in there....oh dear.  The man must be sniggering in his cell at the special attention his actions have caused leaders of the woke world.

Patrick Gower is now scouting message boards from his desk to file shock horror news reports that in the world, somewhere, right now, oh my god - white supremacy actually exists.  Of course if English was not his sole language he could search other message boards and find hatred all over the world discussed about every topic imaginable.  Beheadings of Westerners solely because they were guilty of being white, blacks hating whites, Asians hating blacks, blacks hating blacks, whites hating Jews.  It is a horrid nasty wee world.

All Gower is doing is proving what we already know, people get together online, as they do in bars, pubs and union meetings all around the world and talk utter gobshite to each other. Unless they are actually plotting to do something then it is generally just smoke blowing up each others backsides.  There is no crime in it at this point.  A crime you say? Plotting? Well yes we saw some of that recently.....

Over Easter, Western tourist spots in Sri Lanka and Christian churches were targeted in a highly co-ordinated attack.  More than 250 people die, over 5 times that of Christchurch.  The people needed to be involved to orchestrate this atrocity would outnumber the entire population of actual white supremacist members in New Zealand.

Yet there is no conference called for that terror network that actually existed in plotting these murders.  No "Sri Lanka Call".  In true New Zealand style we think we are the only people that things can actually happen to and what happened was unique and special to New Zealand.  The only place in the world that did not see an Australian coming to cause havoc in the name of an entire City that has a conference named after it.

Few of these questions have been answered, but sources linked to security agencies, government officials and local Muslim leaders have painted a picture of how, over the years, a small number of die-hard radicals and IS sympathisers clandestinely set up cells right under the noses of the security forces.

Investigators say that certain members of individual families became radicalised and operated as units.

"That's how they kept their intentions and movements among themselves," said the counter-terror agent, who requested anonymity to speak openly, given the sensitivity of ongoing investigations.

Each unit then liaised with other radicalised family groups, forming larger networks. The supposition goes that information was tightly protected within networks of loyalty that transcended ideology. Encrypted social media networks and messaging apps are believed to have facilitated communication and planning.

"The investigators are now trying to find out how these people communicated and co-ordinated," the agent added.

"Using families to achieve their aim seems to be part of a new trend among these radicals. We have seen how some families were involved in suicide attacks [on a church and a police building] in Indonesia last year," said the former agent.

Prove that is happening with the 12 white supremacists left in New Zealand and Gower may have a case to answer.  Until then all he has uncovered is a Nicky Hager style conspiracy with one common thread - that people get together online (and off it) and talk shit to each other, and leave a record to it.

Sri Lanka has proven that the real issue is that the ones who end up doing the actual damage are the ones good enough and close knit enough to leave absolutely zero trace of what they have done and who with, at all.

They are the ones we should be afraid of and no amount of messing with our rights and freedoms can actually stop that.

Update: This just in - apparently SNOWFLAKE is now going to be a trigger word that alleges coded language is being used. Oh dear me again.  But I did learn what the true meaning of Stacey is.  Fascinating.

Some of the coded language that extremist groups use are words with other legitimate meanings, such as "Stacey", used to mean an attractive woman who is only interested in attractive men, or "snowflake", a derogatory term used to describe left-wingers


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