Auckland Deserves Better Than Chris Fletcher

I have stoically refused to vote for her on any ticket since time began.  Why don't the good people of Auckland feel the same?  She has been around for now approaching her third decade in politics, the centre-right deserve better.  She IS part of the institutional problem of politics.

She was a terrible National MP, emotional, weak and a very poor example to  and of women.  She was also a toy-chucker who other than having married a Fletcher and borrowed their surname never belonged as a Tory.  As she grows near pension age she is merely taking a spot that should go to younger professionally qualified talented political candidates. Yes she is taking a token spot that younger women should be given and when I say younger I mean even women in their 50's who have actually achieved something before standing for office.

After disputes with the National Party and to their relief,  her surname again won her the Mayoralty in the 90's where she was subsequently turfed by John Banks and continued to oppose the city's roading progress.  The voters got sick of her in 2004 where she couldn't even beat Hubbard and Banks in the election.  Thankfully she disappeared for a couple of terms but then got a second wind ala Mike Lee and decided we all couldn't live without her.

She is of the awful passive-aggressive bullying era of NZ women in politics and business.  Cannot be approached for any questioning of her abilities or track record for fear of being bullied or that she would burst out in tears. These women are now in their 60's and bloody dreadful, they litter politics and business.  They do not support the generations of women below them, in fact they hate them for all the reasons that they are not.

So dedicated she is to this campaign she is swanning around Europe leaving John Tamihere to make a right tit of himself all on his own with silly promises that have not been thought through.

Actually, we know the answer – Fletcher is in Europe, on a trip her Communities and Residents' colleague Mark Thomas says was planned well in advance of this year's election campaign.

To be fair, Fletcher, like all of us, has a personal life.

People make plans and it can be especially hard jacking up a time to talk when you're half a world away.

Actually no it is unacceptable to be away like this in an election year.  I do not care who you are, it is now late August approaching September and voting closes October 12th.

I ask who actually put this campaign together and for what purpose? 

It is run by a rag-tag mix of string pullers and smells to me just like another slush fund of campaign fundraising to be sprinkled around alleged campaign "experts" and giving them something to do for the next few months while the usual hapless businesspeople fork out for it.

Every centre-right politically tuned person I know refuses to vote for them and is actually voting for Phil Goff.

THAT is how bad the choice of these two is.  Even what I am sure you all consider the far right is voting Goff.


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