"If This Could Happen In My Party...Then This Can Happen Anywhere"

And with this breathlessly arrogant statement from Princess Cindy we stop and gaze for a second just how deep the problems in the Party actually go.  Now it is down to arrogance and smugness.  I could not believe it came out of her mouth, let alone from a pre-prepared statement. She is usually far more circumspect in her language.

"If this could happen in my party, a party which had already tried to confront these issues very publicly, a party that prides itself on inclusivity, on being champions in addressing gender based violence and of creating safe places for young people to be involved then this can happen anywhere".

What does she mean by "happen"?  What is the "this" in that sentence? You mean cover ups and lies? You mean Labour members and supporters online slamming the complainants? You mean her staff either shielding her from what was happening or she knew all along?  You mean bringing in employment lawyers to deal with criminal matters?  You mean the ruinous omnishambles this has turned into? 

Never fear the average punter in New Zealand is about to be preached to again by the Labour Party in how to run their lives and businesses, as Labour are promising some sort of knowledge sharing.  This  out of the now five inquiries or reviews I can count of their processes or of the criminal definition of sexual assault in the now Kangaroo court led by an employment QC.

"Take the lessons of what we can do to assist other workplaces, training institutions and others to do the same".  
Yes because right now every workplace over a water cooler in New Zealand having to comply with the new #metoo environment is looking at Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party and just laughing.  They are however possibly a little peeved having beefed up their own behaviour already regarding sexual harassment, at I suspect a none too small cost.  The #nzmetoo movement has weaponised the complaints process to target corporates and small business.  How satisfying that Labour themselves are now feeling the woe that they have encouraged?

Every New Zealand workplace and organisation has been forced by her bloody government and especially since the Russell McVeagh outrage to spend a fortune worrying about training, education and "policy" and process. And as Sir Bob eloquently grumped today "conversations".  They have had to consider for the first time perhaps a reputation, crisis and risk advisor.

Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party are already a year behind the rest of the country and will be 18 months behind by the time this shit-shambles is sorted.

Can you imagine the outrage and the vitriol if the Chairman of Russell McVeagh, Malcom Crotty stood up just this time last year and said "If this could happen in my law firm then this can happen anywhere"?   Like it was diminishing the clusterfuck that happened there?  That he was trying to say, we all bloody do it (which of course everyone at the time knew but Crotty was not dumb enough to use as a defence). Seriously.

Union bullyboy Andrew Little remember threatened an entire ministerial inquiry into the nation's law firms regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

It was a "real worry" that women had also not felt able to complain, Little said.
"It probably points to a problem the law society has, that it is a dominated by the law firms and senior practicioners, and not ... staff solicitors and non-legal staff. And whether there's got to be another independent process for people to go to when they consider their employment rights are being infringed upon, that's a matter we're going to have to look at."

Labour indeed had a process, like every left wing organisation they have a phone book thickness policy and procedures manual of process.  They spend hundred of thousands of dollars giving jobs to their mates to make these bullshit policy and procedures manuals.  The left always has enough paperwork in this area.

The manuals and committees however were staffed by morons, sycophants, unionists and employment lawyers to implement, who have one primary objective - protecting the goose in Jacinda Ardern who has laid them the golden egg of coalition government.

My favourite out-take from today's presser though is the promise that Poto Williams will be leading the education process within the party. What? Was Marian BooBoo Hobbs unavailable for a retirement gig?
She said Poto Williams would lead work in conjunction with experts to "support culture change for everyone".  "Her work will be be informed by everything we learn in the next four to eight weeks."
This is the same Poto Williams who hired a PR firm to attempt to shank Willie Jackson from joining the Labour Party and at the same time undermine her leader who at the time was no one other than Andrew Little.

It really does take us back to the glory days of Labour and their past civil wars.


  1. Great commentary - what sanctimonious out of touch dribble from the PM . It would go down well in UN though

  2. Replies
    1. Is that Mike or Ann typing this? Have you formed a working group with your children before making this comment?


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