UPDATED - Roll On The Next Political Sex Scandal - Zero Tolerance in Christchurch

Just when you thought sex scandals and politics had wound down, along comes yet another story of allegations of impropriety in dealing with young people.

A written complaint has been filed about 'grossly inappropriate' messages sent by the councillor over a three-year period to three people then aged between 13 and 21 years old.
A then 13 year old? Seriously. Just N.O. for NO! Noooooooooooooo.  I do not really care about a 21 year old but a 13 year old and someone between 13 and 21 if they are under 16 or even 17 or 18? Well yes....

Ex Labour MP and basically a Labour Mayor, Lianne Dalziel has known about this since May and by the looks of it attempted to deal with it herself.   
In a statement issued on Sunday afternoon, Ms Dalziel said she was approached by a youth group about the messages in May, and on 10 June she met with someone from the group who described the pattern of behaviour.
She should have at the very least counselled the Councillor how serious it was and how they should not stand again.  

Dalziel then claims that she did not know all the details until last Tuesday (just as the Labour sex allegations were in full swing), and then there is now an independent investigator.  Sound familiar?

So forgive me for asking in an election year, a complaint where a 13 year old is involved was sat on and buried since May now four months, and in the meantime the Councillor has put their name forward to stand again?

It is not like a rape or sexual assault matter where there is a blurred line of she said he said, there are "grossly inappropriate messages" to look at to see just how bad a prima facie case is against anyone.  Grown adults should not be messaging that sort of thing  or interacting with 13 year olds for reasons other than council business and unless their parents know about it surely?!  The standard of which does not need to be criminal, it is just bloody wrong.

RNZ has been told by a source that Mayor Lianne Dalziel was made aware of a complaint against the councillor in May of this year involving a young teenager.
It involved a late night message on Facebook to the boy referring to his physical attractiveness.
Good lord.  And because everyone late at night wants a hug.
It included references to the physical attractiveness of one of the young people, statements such as "I miss you" and "I want a hug" and emojis with love heart eyes.
There was also a sexually explicit meme.
It was said the councillor had a nickname for one of the young people that made them feel uncomfortable. 
And the kicker.

It said the young people were worried about the impact their speaking out might have on the various groups they belonged to that relied on the council for funding. 
Good grief.  It is quite clear if these messages have been sent, which is the allegation, that the Councillor doesn't have the judgment required to be in their position.  But considering this has been sat on for so long now with no resolution it really has me asking two questions that should be asked of Dalziel as now a very senior politician in New Zealand - 

1. What relationship or friendship she has with the accused? 
2. And dare we ask after the last fortnight what is their current or prior relationship to the Labour Party?

It is a very fair pair of questions.

If you run your eye down the list of Councillors standing again in Christchurch it doesn't require a rocket scientist to see who the person subject to the complaint is most likely to be.  True to a good no-b.s Canterbury approach,  it appears no one wishes to be associated with this scandal and they have all colluded to at least force that person to put out a statement this week so it can eliminate the rest of them from suspicion.

Take out the Mayor because I will give her just enough credit that it won't be her, there are 16 suspects.  I will take out another 4 because they are women.  I refuse to believe a woman can be this , well, stupid.

Jamie Gough on Facebook has made it very clear he knew nothing about the allegations until reported by media.  It has been hushed up. Naturally being a young, good looking man he is outraged at being besmirched as a possible suspect and has issued a strong and firm denial.  Mike Davidson has done likewise as has Aaron Keown.

Quite right too.  And we are down to 9 men who are poo fingered by association.  They are all within their rights to issue denials like Jamie and Mike have if they are not the man in question.  Raf Manji is not standing again so that makes it 8.

The People's Choice Party  have put out a denial that any of their candidates are the person accused.

Saying someone is "subject to a complaint" is not defamatory.  It is a fact, they are subject to a complaint.  No one is suggesting saying anything that may identify the victims.  Keir Leslie can blame the media reporting all they want but they sure as hell have not stayed silent!  It is in the middle of an election campaign with the voting papers all sent out and this has been festering since May, of course they are all freaking out.

The people of Christchurch before they vote deserve to have the information of these allegations out there for the reason it appears to involve a 13 year old and actual physical evidence of interactions that were at best highly inappropriate, at worst basic grooming of young boys.

It is not up to other Councillors to say nothing, keep silent and have everyone pointing fingers at them.  Good on them.  They shouldn't have to wear this and their reputations are collectively more important than one person who is tarnishing theirs by finding themselves in this situation in the first place.

They, like every other voter could also ask questions of the Mayor and her involvement and her administration in the very slow dealing in election year with the matter to the unsatisfaction of the complainants.

Updated - Christchurch's worst secret is out, Deon Swiggs has "outed" himself as the Councillor under complaint.  Swiggs, in his typical self-promoting tool fashion, however is making out to be a hero for taking the heat off other Councillors.  Perhaps if he had fronted up on Friday or when the media first found out about this then he could say this, but letting this drag on over the weekend has him not standing on very firm ground there.

Swiggs was a Labour Party member from a young age, up until 2016 when he stood as an Independent candidate.  He even nominated for Lianne Dalziel's vacant electorate seat but Labour chose Poto Williams.

Swiggs is also very close to Lianne Dalziel and it is well known she is basically his mentor and has been for a long while.  The locals joked at one point he was her adopted son.  Knowing about this issue since May now firmly puts the spotlight back on her.  Would she have treated a centre-right Councillor she wasn't friendly with in the same fashion?

What Swiggs needs to do now is forget any standard of investigation or criminality because this will not be a matter for criminal law resulting from yet another Kangaroo court with a retired Associate Judge, and just release the messages in question so the punters he is asking to vote for him can actually see what the fuss is about?

If he has done nothing wrong, as he claims today, surely others will decide this and vote accordingly. He will not be "cleared" or "convicted" of anything from the Kangaroo investigation, the court of public opinion will be the only concern based on what on earth he was allegedly doing messaging any kids that young.


  1. Well, People's Choice weren't telling the truth, were they?


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