So Who Really Is Acting PM Next Week?

Princess Cindy is away next week flying all over the world to the UN to pretend she "always believes the victims". 

We have three options as Leader.

Option A - the Deputy PM, recently incapacitated from a "rugby injury".

Option B - Kelvin Davis, the hapless Deputy Labour Leader who cannot even translate his Te Reo properly in Maori Language week when caught losing Translation Wars with King of Te Reo Shane Jones.

Option C - Darth Vadar Helen Clark, who has announced she is back by advocating as a former Health Minister who hated smoking, for smoking weed and running Labour PR spin lines for Princess Cindy.

Who do you choose? Or 

Option D - No-one.  Have left wing bloggers Bradbury and Standard continue to attempt diversions to say to Labour member victims that they are not to be believed, and have them attack the National Party.  You know the Party that has never pretended sanctimoniously it was leading the charge for feminists, victims and the #metoonz brigade?  A Party that does not have a leader who recruited and inspired thousands of young women with her message that she was one of them and on their side.

I think they go with D.


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