Te Trotter Language Week - Trotter on Grant Robertson

In the muddle that was last week, this post on Daily Blog and Bowalley Road from Chris Trotter will be left to go through to the keeper.  The left will ignore it, the blog owner will pretend it didn't happen.  I will not.

Now we all have the rugby result to focus on tomorrow I thought I would translate from my years of studying Te Trotter, just what the hell he is saying to us in this post as it really is quite remarkable.  Regardless of how the modern left try to disown him along with the entire period of 1984-89 and Rogernomics, he has forgotten more about being a leftist than the children will ever actually know.

Grant Robertson with random YL people from Dunedin

Who Will Be Fed Next To The Hungry Gods Of Politics?

This in Te Trotter means, who is next going to be thrown under the sacrificial bus.
IS THAT IT? The resignation of the Labour Party President, Nigel Haworth, and the departure of the young man at the centre of the allegations currently engulfing the Labour Party? Is that the sum total of the axe-wielding? That, and the QC’s inquiry? Is nothing more being contemplated by the Prime Minister and Labour Leader? Will the hungry gods of politics be satisfied with such a meagre offering?
In Te Trotter that means, no the "gods of politics" will not be satisfied. But it should be for the PM to survive.
The thing about the hungry gods of politics is that they, unlike the mere mortals who populate the Press Gallery, see all. They look at the mess arising out of the Wellington Labour Party, and its diverse collection of players, and they see all the connections. To their ears are borne the names of every character participating in the drama. They cast their omniscient minds back, and mark every one of the faces that have already appeared on the stage. They recall their motivations; their towering ambitions; and they know. They know.
In simple Te Trotter this means people within Labour with their own axe to grind wishing for someone who has been extremely Machiavellian  over the years, to be place in the incinerator.  Who may that be?
They know, for example, that had they not whispered in the ear of a depressed and demoralised Andrew Little, Labour would have collapsed to an unprecedented defeat in 2017. They know, also, that those whispers made it possible for Jacinda Ardern to step boldly into New Zealand political history.
That is in Te Trotter, there are debts to be repaid for dirty politics in every direction and shit is going to get ugly if the wrong move is played.
When the hands of the political gods are on your shoulders, pushing you forward, there is very little on this earth that can stop you. Seeing how effortlessly Jacinda made her way to the Beehive’s ninth floor who can doubt it? Political commentators talk about Jacinda’s “stardust” – that mysterious quality which has lent so much lustre to her time in office. What they’re really talking about, of course, is magic. The magic she brings to the job. But, from whence does magic come – if not from the gods?
Wheels within the wheels and being in the right place at the right time and Te Trotter is saying That Jacinda Ardern did not "accidentally" appear there.
For every politician with cause to thank the gods, however, there are many more with reasons to curse them. Think of Grant Robertson. Think of how close he came to defeating Andrew Little in the leadership contest of 2014. Less than a single percentage point separated his vote from the successful candidate’s. So close. So close. But the gods of politics had other plans.
Yes Grant Robertson has been shanked by these wheels within wheels before.  Gods.
Their eyes were on Robertson’s running mate, Jacinda Ardern. She had stood at his side: loyal and obliging, as she had ever been. The media dubbed this duo “Gracinda” – a sort of political “Brangelina”. The other young people who worked alongside Robertson were also ambitious for their hero. Even in defeat they stayed with him. Even as his running mate climbed, seemingly effortlessly, towards the Iron Throne of leadership, their faith in his star did not waver. There are thrones, yes, but there are also powers-behind-thrones.
Yes according to Te Trotter, Robertson, an openly gay male, was politely waiting his turn.  He was meant to be the #1, Jacinda Ardern his  supportive #2.  The young supporters in Wellington who were running his campaign were doing so because they believed in Robertson, in politics of course that means that they believed he could advance their causes which more than often means getting them employment and cushy jobs once he has the power to do so.  See where this is heading?
While Jacinda’s stardust was dazzling the voters, Robertson continued to do what he had been doing for the best part of twenty years – creating a Labour Party in his own image. Young Labour was his special vehicle. They could be seen at party conferences: eager bearers of the Robertson message. And there they were again, in 2014, crowding around “Gracinda”, brandishing professionally-printed placards celebrating “A New Generation” of leadership. Political debts were being accumulated by the MP for Wellington Central; debts that would, one day, have to be repaid.
Te Trotter speak here for Grant Robertson had used Young Labour as a political campaign weapon for himself, Ardern was meant to be able to use it after he had finished with it.  Or alongside him. Gracinda was not meant to be Jacrant.
Meanwhile, the political gods were raising-up and casting-down Labour leaders with gay abandon. First the hapless Phil Goff. Then the luckless David Shearer. Followed by the doomed David Cunliffe. Robertson was a willing tool in the hands of these delinquent deities. Wielding their knives silently and invisibly: conscious always that with every leader that fell, his own chances of inheriting Labour’s crown rose.
Te Trotter saying in a round about way - Grant Robertson had a hand in shafting the lot of them but those behind Ardern actually wanted him to. Cunliffe's glee squad at The Standard showed a lot but brief spurts of this unhappiness when Cunliffe first was overlooked as Leader and second, when he was rolled.  Te Trotter is a language where every word is used carefully and it is not a mistake he refers to the religious delinquent deities.
So close. So close. Just one more member of caucus. Just 100 more trade union votes – and the leadership would have been his. It was not to be – at least, not yet. But if he could not be leader of the party he could become the arbiter of its policies. Finance spokesperson may have been Little’s consolation gift to Robertson – but it was one he would turn to good use. 
Guided by the éminence grise of Labour’s “Third Way” conservatism, Sir Michael Cullen, Robertson bound Labour in fiscal chains so tight that, in the unlikely event of a Labour-led government being formed, it would lack all freedom of movement. No matter how luminous the promises of “transformation”, without the money to turn promises into reality, the person making them was bound to end up discredited. Perhaps, at that point, the gods of politics would refer lent?
Te Trotter for the explanation that Robertson thought he could have more control over the party if he took over its policies and its campaign systems and filled those posts with his on people.  Robertson was also in charge of the money so in charge of the silly spending promises making it impossible for those above him to spend enough to satisfy the people who put them there.  People would have to beg for cash from him.  When he gave excuses as to why the cash cannot be released it would be someone else "carrying the baby" or in this case - Neve.

Robertson also knew that if he proactively hired a firm of independent economists to review his statistics it would not only create a problem for National to attack his numbers, it would create an issue within Labour for the inevitable when his own people wanted him to free the purse strings.  It was like any tax and spend leftist party, the weakest part of their election campaign - the numbers.  Ardern went large on it.  This from Radio NZ.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said they always expected National to robustly challenge their fiscal plan, which was why Labour had it assessed by independent economists BERL.

The grand "fiscal plan" is still on the Labour website.  It is still the cornerstone of his portfolio. Ardern mentioned it zillions of times in the campaign as if to say "that is the end of all debate".

This move meant Robertson didn't need to spend hours debating with Steven Joyce for these promises as the independent economists would do it all for him to protect their reputation.  Other economists were afraid to support Joyce for fear of being discredited in the detail.  Cunning but for one small problem, the complexity of the Gods that Robertson found himself in once numbers started coming out in the economy showing it was a steaming pile of shite.
To make their job easier, Robertson did all he could to fill the key posts of Labour’s parliamentary apparatus with people sympathetic to his ambitions. The same members of Team Robertson who had laid low Cunliffe and his supporters were now running not only the party – but the country.
At least, they thought they were running the country. 
In other words, even more cunning was filling the Labour parliamentary team with his own people.  Regardless of their lack of independence from debts being owed and owned from years of proverbially "stuffing envelopes" for him.
The ever loyal and dutiful Jacinda was Prime Minister, but her grip on the evolution and implementation of policy was weak. If an instinctive and powerfully empathetic response was required, Jacinda could be relied upon absolutely. What happened behind her throne, however, had become the responsibility of others.
It was then that the gods of politics decided to play their little joke.
Oh yes Te Trotter has a nice way of saying that Jacinda Ardern couldn't make a policy decision or indeed any decision with respect to the Party to save herself and left all of that nonsense up to Robertson who was working at least 2 jobs at once.
Robertson and his allies are not laughing. Events occurring behind Jacinda’s throne have been thrust front and centre. They have ceased to be the responsibility of others and become hers. As scandals involving Young Labour and close Robertson allies have inflicted enormous damage upon both her own reputation and that of the party, Jacinda has had the chance to measure the full extent of the loyalty and dutifulness of her parliamentary and party comrades.
In English, Princess Ardern has woken up from the slumber she has been in at the wheel and will have to ask what the hell Robertson and his Young Labour boys have been up to in her mental if not physical absence from micromanaging the Labour Party.
On her overseas travels, as she mulls over the future of her erstwhile running-mate and present Finance Minister, the Prime Minister may recall with a mixture of irony and regret the words of the Ancient Greek playwright, Euripides:
“Those whom the gods seek to destroy, they first make mad.”
Euripides of course often wrote of women, war and religion, as Trotter does here.  Like many at the time I guess but  pointedly Te Trotter has used such before , in 2013 when he was warning National  that "one can only speculate that National has reached that point in the life of every government:

where its familiarity with power is translated into contempt for the very people who gave it to them".

National of course went on and still won the election in 2014 regardless of showing such "contempt" and the tax disappeared anyway... And the quote is allegedly misattributed causing more confusion amongst the Te Trotter followers.

The question between the lines of Te Trotter is how long will Jacinda Ardern cover for Robertson, who now takes the oath of silence, now she can surely see what he has been up to and how most of it has been aimed at actually positioning himself to taking her job?  


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