The Day #nzmetoo Died - September 15th 2019

On September 10th I posted on what option the #metoo Labour kids had now. In that post I gave them one piece of advice that at least one of their membership has now ignored.

4. Do not talk to anyone outside of your current support group 

The only people you can really trust are other victims in this matter and very cautiously Alex Casey as your voice in the media (do not go near Alison Mau).  Again there is great political currency and career mileage in Labour right now to be seen to have an in with you.  Now would also a great time to stop taking to National Party people as well. Your enemies enemy is not your friend.  It takes a long time to learn that one. 

Yet today Alison Mau has just had to have a contribution claiming (truthfully I would imagine) she has spoken to the group.  The problem with Mau is that she will not be able to help herself make herself and #nzmetoo the story, when it is not.  I do not wish though to get too down on Mau as I temporarily had huge respect for her when she left the insipid clutches of safe dulldom that must have been living with Simon Dallow, for a much cooler hip-hop dancer.  She also has to live through utterly disgusting comments directed at her for heading this cause, that doesn't mean she should be immune from criticism for her tactics.

And it reads "badly enough" as every person behind the #nzmetoo movement is the converted so it does not matter what you tell them they will be supporting and feel terrible for the Labour Party kids.  They are also all unlikely to stop voting Labour or supporting Jacinda Ardern because of it.  

While Mau's usual supporters have blindly applauded her on twitter today they are oblivious to the damage it has actually caused describing the campaign as masterful, master-stroke, laser-focussed, mature and run us through their tactics as an advocate now for them whether they like it or not.  

Mau's audience for a piece like this in the mainstream media should be persuasive for people who are possibly shocked and horrified about the Labour Party's treatment of these young adults (I should stop calling them kids) and sympathetic towards what will happen to them next.  That is how you grow successfully #nzmetoo into the wider audience and away from the reputation currently in New Zealand that this (correctly or not) is a bunch of feminist, bitter, man-hating crazies out to get everyone they can sacked and hung without a fair trial.  Of course to do that Mau would have to attack Labour the same way she takes down bad employers and men in power in a campaign run under the guise of journalism and I cannot see this piece being more than trying to deflect away from conduct of those politically aligned to her.

These people we speak of that need to be preached to are moderate New Zealanders.  The sort that are shocked and horrified at the thought that unsavoury things happen between even consenting adults, let alone dirty politics and smear campaigns.  These are the people who go about their day to day business blissfully unaware that businesses employ PR campaigners, reputation and issues managers and brand enhancers.  They wouldn't know what a social influencer was or that the media even has "native advertising".  They wouldn't dare believe how dirty politics was. A lot of them still think Winston Peters is the messiah and an honest, reasonable man.  In other words these people don't even know they are being persuaded nightly by soap advertisements on television.

So when they read it all out in the open, Alison Mau basically openly applauding how devious, cunning and dirty that these Labour young adults have behaved to get what they want against the Party and a man who has yet to be charged with any crime, they turn off.  They turn off to the cause. It undermines completely the moderate, reasonable, sensible vibe these young adults have had to portray against the Labour Party machine.

Now those of us who follow blogs and politics know that they have produced an outstanding campaign against Labour.  We know because it sounds like many have been trained BY the very people who run them for Labour.  They know how to use the Opposition, the media, pressure those ahead.  They know how to play dirty politics in their use of Paula Bennett for mutually beneficial destruction.  The problem they never could have envisaged, and for sure now will be panicking over,  was just how badly Labour would stuff things up once they launched their missiles, so Ardern's brand has taken such a large hit for a whole week and counting.

Tweet of the week

The alleged scumbag has quit his job, Haworth took one for the Labour Council.  The public sackings however make the moderate person out there start to question, okay you have got these people sacked - now what? How can someone lose their job for just an allegation?  Without a process and in the case of a graphic alleged sexual assault, without even a criminal complaint?  They think the following:

OMFG could this happen at work to me? !!

Mau goes on to list what the young adults apparently do want:

1. Someone to be accountable, they were happy Haworth was sacked.
2. Policy changes at the top. Well they got that last time after Maria Berryman's summer camp review?  Only Labour Party members could possibly want more policy to deal with this when they already have had changes.  It is not the policy stupid, it is the people.
3. They want sexual complaints referred to a "third party" independent person for investigation.  Okay so again, outside the criminal justice system they expect the governing political party that is meant to have faith in the system they currently oversee as Police and Justice Ministers, to set up a  kangaroo court?  
4. They want Labour to listen to "real experts" about sexual harassment and bullying. 
5. They want an audience with Jacinda Ardern.  

And I will tell them how that will go.

They need to ask Pania Newton how talking to Jacinda Ardern will go.  She is up a hill in the cold , wet South Auckland winter STILL waiting for that korero, waiting, waiting.   We know Andrew Little ran into to speak to victims of Law firm harassment very quickly once he could smell blood he could use to his advantage, not now though.  Maria Dew QC has to finish her report before Ardern can even consider meeting them so she had bought even more time.  A report we know Dew has not even started.

They will meet with Ardern, tell them all their stories, she will cry, she will hug them, she will apologise, she will promise it will never happen again.  Because this is her bread and butter, showing empathy.  That is all she did in Christchurch.  She found her niche and will not deviate from it.

Then she will go back to her staff and she will hug them, she will apologise and she will promise that this will never happen again.  She will tell them all how much they mean to her and how she cannot do her job without them.  She does not like upsetting people because that makes her unpopular.

The most dangerous demand though is that the young adults mentioned they would like the party to finally understand the power imbalances in Labour: "We are not only male-dominated, but incredibly white."

And this is the problem and why this is as good as the Labour Party are ever going to get for minorities.  And again the alleged scumbag they complain about was NOT white!

The Labour Party is NOT male-dominated, it is not incredibly white.  And this happened under the watch of a whole bunch of females, lesbians, unionists, Islanders, Maori, Indians and disabled rights advocates.  They are no better than the stereotypical "pale stale male".  Here are some of them in the leading Labour Council.

This is why I say nothing will happen because for Labour to truly change its culture of covering up sexual harassment and misconduct the Prime Minister themselves would have to resign as leader of the Party.  A top down approach for true change.  Like Russell McVeagh did.

Question of the Day for you all

If especially David Shearer, and other straight, white older men in Phil Goff, Andrew Little or David Cunliffe were the current Labour leader overseeing this ruinous omnishambles of two reviews would they have survived this?

Helen Clark would not have needed to have called on them to go through her media spots, they would have already been made to quit by the savaging the membership would have delivered.  They would have been cheered on by #nzmetoo with Mau leading the charge against them.  Most were indeed rolled by fringe sectors of the Labour Party for showing far greater competence in their role than Ardern has here.

Jacinda Ardern, because she is female and irreplaceable to Labour and the supporters of the lobby group who would make them accountable #nzmetoo, gets off with a completely free pass.

And everyone in New Zealand who is fair, reasonable minded and non-political shall look at this and conclude that the 18 months of #nzmetoo has led us to the situation that if the most woke, diverse governing political party in New Zealand doesn't change from the top down and hold its leader accountable, then why the hell should NZ corporates and their small Ma and Pa employer businesses be held to ransom by a #nzmetoo movement that does not practice and demand what it preaches when it does not suit them politically?


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