Winston Peters and NZ First say #youarelying

I had a very pleasant day today trekking up and down a very large hill in 30+ degree temperatures with my double fractured ankle now in week 14 of its recovery.  Half way down the hill the ankle become increasingly uncomfortable, so much so that I had to stop and tighten the strapping I have to wear daily in constant driving 30+ degree heat.  I hobbled back down swearing every 100m, only to find that my driver had decided he should not be there at the pick up point, rather when the cellphone finally got back to first world reception, I found a text to say he was going to be another hour as he had to pick something up for his mother. Instantly I sacked him of course and found another driver but by then I was as close to passing out as one can be without adequate hydration.

Yet still my day was far more comfortable compared to that of the poor complainants in this Labour sex scandal who had to read of left-wing blogs having another go at them, but this time also a coalition partner and the Deputy Prime Minister saying #youarelying.

"Hasn't learned a thing from me about making things up on the hoof"

Today Winston Peters for only the second time in his life came to the instant praises of another lawyer, particularly strange for one he does not know. Peters only trusts his closest confidante in Brian Henry, so this is a rather massive development.  Today though he has found a new champion in the profession in New Zealand's most benevolent patron of emerging signed unfine Arts, in Simon Mitchell!

Can we go back down memory lane and take a quote and guess where it came from:

That is right, Winston Raymond Peters.  He accused Helen Clark of making paintergate all up as she went along but the lawyer who bought the painting for $5,000 and handed it to her electorate agent for a quick burial in a blazing inferno of all evidence, nah today Peters is standing by Mitchell basically accusing him (by Winston Peters standard of praise) of being the most honest lawyer in the history of the nation!

When I hear a man like Mr [Simon] Mitchell say 'I never actually saw that complaint' – that's what he said – I believe him. I think some people are owed an apology."
After question time today, he told media he "knows when someone is credible and when someone would not put their whole legal reputation on the line by saying an untruth – that's why I believe him".

Anyway this is now allegedly a "disgraceful orgy of speculation and innuendo" according to our  sickly septuagenarian, one that he today downtrou'ed himself and willingly participated in.  He also offered a juicy hint not lost on media that he possibly may know more.  Do not get excited this is a classic Winston Peters strategy.

Not content with that, cranking on yet again about flowers and a bit of fat shaming the former body of Paula Bennett with snide comments that her surgery was solely cosmetic, Shane Jones and Tracey Martin the next two senior NZ First MP's also accused the complainants of all but lying.

"If you are a victim of criminal wrongdoing, do not go to the opposition - go to the police," Shane Jones, Regional Economic Minister, said.
Tracey Martin, Internal Affairs Minister, added: "[Winston Peters has] got a point - I haven't seen any evidence be produced."

The complainants say they're not going to dignify Peters' comments with a response.

Let us see how long that old chestnut lasts before they chuck a few bombs back........Ardern reported today on Hosking's show that she didn't expect this ruinous omnishambles to have reported back with verdicts for another two months. That is indeed a very long time waiting for justice from a kangaroo court.

Who will she put in charge of the independent review of Kensington Swan? Kit Toogood perhaps? The statute of limitations on sexual assault will pass and Neve will be at Intermediate School before Toogood completes that and bores us all with 300 pages of why he cannot pick a winner!


  1. ruinous omnishambles. What great phraseology. My Thanks, i needed a laugh and you more than delieverd


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