A Review of The Reviews, Or Inquiry Into the Inquiries? UPDATE

I have posted on a few inquiries happening currently.  It is not hard to conclude currently we have a growth industry in them for QC's and retired Judges in New Zealand so I did a check as to where they are at with the Kangaroo Courts.

This one was about the poor kid who was not found in his room at a Canterbury University hostel.  As time has gone on we have learned it was only four weeks he was missing for so that was #fakenews. New Zealand's Slowest Judge Kit Toogood is running this and after period of quiet the stepfather of Pendrous Anthony Holland has come out publicly.  It looks shocking for the University so far and Holland has suggested he was contacted and still is for unpaid bills!

"I just feel a bit frustrated that nobody, either at the university or at CLV chose after four or five weeks to chase him up. To find out why he'd not been to lectures, to find out why he'd not eaten.
Oh and that Holland seems to have cottoned on that it is all about the University and not much about his step-kid.  
"There is currently an independent investigation with Kit Toogood QC… that I find that the terms of reference of the investigation kind of point more towards Mason than the university. It's more about why Mason wasn't there... It's not looking at the university shortfall, in my opinion.
"I did hit them up with a terms of reference that I thought was a little bit more reasonable.
Potential to blow up: I give this one an 8/10.  Toogood will realise it is far more complicated that even he can drag out and ask for an extension of time causing more consternation from the family.

2. Deon Swiggs

This one was about the alleged after hours activities of a Christchurch City Councillor.  I posted an update the other day and into voting week it appears still nothing has been done and dusted. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are escaping scot-free on this and their behaviour has not even been questioned.

Potential to blow up: I give this a 10/10.  Swiggs is likely to get re-elected despite this and even if he doesn't he will be an angry young man with time on his hands, and enough knowledge for the processes of the Council to start flinging a severe amount of mud.  Plenty at the Mayor and her Deputy, neither will be on Swiggs Christmas card list this year.

3. The Dew Inquiry

This one is the review that Maria Dew Employment QC is to complete under strict terms of reference for the Labour Party in an attempt to cover up their own appalling behaviour.

Dew is somewhat of a professional reviewer having led one into Retirement Commissioner Dianne Maxwell and the NZ Hockey team. Labour do not wish her to treat this as she did those.

The terms of reference of this inquiry have not been released but Jacinda Ardern has stated that Dew QC will report "directly to her". 

Terms of reference for the QC investigation have been agreed, alongside the complainants. Ms Ardern said the complainants and respondent asked for it not to be released.
QC Maria Dew requested to "hear the substance, not whether Labour acted appropriately". Her investigation is to solely focus on complainants and their complaints. 

Which means we will have to wait until someone leaks the terms of reference.  They are understood not to be looking at all at the response by Labour including Cabinet Minister Grant Robertson.  Around September 13th we were informed by media that the report was due "next month".  That time is fast approaching.

Potential to blow up: 3/10. Minimal.  While Dew happily hung out the successful NZ Hockey team and Dianne Maxwell who has not been reappointed to her role, the chances of Labour coming out of this badly from her perspective are tiny, moreso that it is all suppressed anyway.   By now also the complainants are yesterday's news cycle and would have been told to be good little boys and girls and put back in the corner with lollies and treats courtesy of the Labour Party.

This is the review Labour are doing into Labour's response to the review.
Labour's lawyers, Kensington Swan, will finish an already-begun report on the Labour response to the complaints, but this will then be handed to a separate third party lawyer to establish the facts, based solely on paper evidence.
The complainants and the party will then be able to offer comment as part of this report. Ardern said it would be released to the public if those involved were comfortable with that.
This will be a total crock of shit as it is "based solely on paper evidence".  There can be no further examination of what it all means or the context. We do not know who is "reviewing the review" so we cannot judge their independence in the court of pubic opinion.  We do not know the timing of this.  Linda Clark will be pulling all the muppet strings here.

Potential to blow up: 0/10. The media have free-passed this nonsensical review completely.  The engineering of this as the cover up will smell worse than the crime.

5. Canterbury University Law Lecturer Henry Holderness

I forgot this humdinger completely. This is the unusual story about a law lecturer who refuses to participate in the Kangaroo Court currently going on at Canterbury University.

One of the students is supporting Holderness, whose father was a District Court judge, but the other has said she thought the contact was creepy and inappropriate.
A petition circulating this week to support Holderness has attracted about 400 signatures. 

Things have progressed here somewhat so it is 1-1 for and against.  Holderness has engaged his own legal action. Students are now rallying around him, one Henry Wynn-Williams who must be part of the legacy firm somehow and mates who were there the night in question.  Jordan Vink has said in no uncertain terms that what has happened is a nonsense which is good to see that young people have the courage of their convictions to support those on either side of a debate.

Potential to blow up: This is an 11/10.  Law students, law lecturer, legacy lawyers and Judges kids everywhere and a feminist Pro-Vice Chancellor who is in to gender politics and diversity mainstreaming.

What could possibly go wrong?


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