Congratulations To Abiy Ahmed Ethiopian Dictator

Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, for his work in restarting peace talks with neighboring Eritrea, ending a long stalemate between the two countries.


Not quite sure how someone can actually win a Peace Prize when millions of people within his own nation have been displaced since his election.  Our Prime Minister has not achieved that.  He freed the press into Ethiopia yet doesn't exactly have an open relationship with them and ethnic unrest proves peace does not begin at home.

More than a million Ethiopians were forced from their homes by ethnic violence in 2018 – the highest number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of any country last year. The worst of it took place in the south, where an estimated 800,000 mostly ethnic Gedeos fled the district of West Guji in Oromia, the country’s largest region. This is a higher number, and over a shorter period of time, than occurred at the height of Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis in 2017.

Peace. Out. But whatever floats your boat in the name of ticking the boxes for Westerners and political correctness.

Can someone please check on Greta to see if she is ok and her childhood hasn't been stolen by this disappointment?

Meanwhile in New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has spent the day being a part-time Prime Minister hanging out with a liberal late night talkshow host accidentally right where her liberal loves at The Spinoff are based. Can someone please OIA how much per tweet he is charging and how many of his "followers" promised to leave the US to live in NZ when Trump was elected and never quite got around to it?

Yes there is nothing quite like Not Zealand, slutting itself to any one wishing to gush over the country who promises with a tweet or a smile to bring endless riches from tourists they say will visit a country based on social media and PR.  You know, when you are all sick to death of the sight at a practical level of you guessed it, more tourists.

We kindly await Ellen De Generes' arrival as a new political refugee.


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