Elton Loves Clarke

The answer was in reply to a question from model and actor Cara Delevingne, who asked the award-winning singer/song writer if he could be one woman alive and one woman from the past, who would you be?
In an interview with the Guardian – which featured a Q&A section with A-list celebrities – John said Ardern was "one of the few politicians that I respect and love".

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"She was ****ing talented and brilliant, (b) she was beautiful, (c) she had a lot of sex, and (d) she had the most fantastic jewellery," he said.

Gosh - look out Clarke, Uncle Elton is coming for you!

Comments like this from celebrities are not helping Ardern brush off the part-time Prime Minister jibes and the electorate are fast tiring at her lack of performance back in New Zealand and celebrity attention seeking new liberal luvvies after the enforced absence, put out to pasture  retirement of Hillary Clinton.   The Nobel Prize cut-off time rules meant that she was not a contender for this year anyway but just the talk of winning that is obviously stomach churning for the people. Let us see if this is a poll trend or another blip up and down.


  1. https://twitter.com/democracymum/status/1183140951746699264

    「So Elton picks Jacinda as the woman he would most like to be...
    Wonder what first attracted him to our PM?
    Her love of playing dress ups?
    Her penchant for flying solo on private jets?
    Or her leniency towards known drug criminals? 」


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