NZ First Makes It Easier To Parent Dump

When I applied for Hong Kong permanent residency many years ago, I had to prove not only that I was self-supporting but that my parents and family were not all going to rush to come to Hong Kong. 

Considering they all have a massively better lifestyle in New Zealand this was the easiest part of the interview and took five seconds to answer as I burst out laughing and the Officer moved on to the next question.  It is of course made for those from "poorer" countries with limited welfare from coming to Hong Kong to lumber the taxpayers with net-non providers.  Or Mainlanders.

In other words - the Chinese do this themselves!

National ditched the parent category dumping immigration laws that allowed immigrants to bring in their parents, leave them in New Zealand to sponge off the New Zealand taxpayer and then run off wherever they liked.

It must have been fabulous to have a reason the mother-in-law could not tag along behind you.  Now they are ruining one of the main attractions New Zealand can offer independent, wealthy migrants - you can buy your way around it and naturally the mother-in-law will now demand this as part of the deal again.
Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway has confirmed immigration authorities will from 2020 again begin taking applications under the Parent Category visa programme, which allows parents to join adult children who have become residents or citizens and earn over a certain amount.
The National Government in late 2016 temporarily closed the category, citing a growing cost to taxpayers and a need for a review. Immigration New Zealand has not considered applicants from the category since.
However, the Government will only allow about 1000 parents to join their children each year, significantly fewer than the 5500 coming over before the scheme was paused.
Where previously a single earner had to make $65,000 a year to bring over a parent, they'll now need to earn $106,000 and about $159,000 if they want to bring two parents. A couple will have to earn over $159,000 to be joined by one parent and $212,000 by two.

These amounts of income are ridiculously low. A couple earning $212,000 can bring in two parents and out of that they have to also provide for their children? Come on.  That is also an income at any point in time.  The time of the application.

I have no issue with parents coming to New Zealand with their children as long as they are completely self-supporting, their visa depends on them never claiming superannuation, benefits and especially health care and they are all forced to pay for private health insurance.  Then let us see how many really want to come.

Radio NZ did no favours with this example of precisely why it should never be open slather as a visa:
Ricardo Menéndez-March travelled from Mexico to New Zealand as a student in 2006. He gained residency in 2012 and citizenship in 2017.
He'd hoped one day to bring his parents here too, but earned too little to be eligible.
Mr MenĂ©ndez-March, who works for advocacy group Auckland Action Against Poverty, is paid the living wage to help those unemployed or receiving welfare. 
This is hypocritical with the rhetoric of kindness, compassion and well-being. The government is only valuing my parents based on my income and how much they're going to cost. They're not really measuring the well-being that having families together has on mental health and also children's outcomes.'' 

Right well there is a good reason for that, he has already hit the jackpot leaving a shit-hole country.  To invoke his separation from his parents on mental health is hilarious. He is always welcome to return to Mexico if earning the living wage and being entitled no doubt to all manner of income top ups so he isn't even a net taxpayer after sponging off the education system as a foreigner is not enough.  He can be reunited and have better mental health hanging out with Mum and Dad surely if he just went back to Mexico?

Did I mention that Ricardo was a Green Party candidate? Because RNZ didn't think that was relevant.  His father is a doctor in Mexico.  Surely the father could apply for his own visa if this is the case?  And get a job in New Zealand.   His father invested his savings into sending Ricardo to New Zealand as an international student and 13 years later the kid only earns a living wage dabbling in Hippie politics trying to solve the perceived injustices of New Zealand.  Aren't we lucky?

Of course the new Race Relations Conciliator has called racism on this:
The rule had been described as "racist and discriminatory" by new Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon.
Yeah well immediately on taking the job, this twit got completely schooled by either Ryan Bridge or Sean Plunket ( I cannot recall) for not even knowing the New Zealand laws.  I don't care what race he is, he is a total "racism at every opportunity" crying fuckwit.  Naturally no one seems to have linked this interview anywhere, it was like it never existed but I listened to it at the time and it was one of the most appalling displays of ignorance I have ever seen considering the guy had three months I think at the time to swot up on the law.  All I thought of was Bring Back Devoy!

Foon would call it racist and discriminatory but guess what as a high earning whitey if I wished to bring my family over to Hong Kong I could not have done it and there was no way they would ever  have qualified for the generous styled payments New Zealand makes for health, superannuation and welfare after periods of time.  Hong Kong never needs to protect against that from immigrants as their welfare system like Mainland China's is non-existent.

John Delamere appeared on Ryan Bridge's show today and gave an interview about everything that is wrong with the scheme and how as an immigration consultant he had seen it rorted.  Including bumping up incomes then lowering them when the qualification has been met.  Take a listen.  Then ask the question he did - under Winston Peters and NZ First how astonishing is it that the category can be re-opened at all?

In plain speak - what on earth has Winston Peters traded in order to turn a blind eye to this?


  1. With any luck we might lose a poverty youth worker to the paradise that is Tijuana, and a cop to the sunny climes of Brixton so they can be with their mums and dads. Excellent news.


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