And................Denny Crane!!!

One of the top 5 legal shows ever made has to be Boston Legal.  It is the all time favourite of mine.  Watching Brian Henry and Winston Peters traverse through the last fortnight has reminded me particularly of one episode about rabbits.

Denny Crane: Well, don't, soldier. Pull a rabbit out of your hat. Motions with his index finder for Alan Shore to lean closer. Then, conspiratorially That's the secret of both trial law and life.
Alan Shore: Rabbits?
Denny Crane: nods Oh, yeah. 
The actual episode in question is one of the all-time best and guest starred Rev Al Sharpton who turns up in the courtroom as the rabbit to brilliantly convince a Judge they should have a Black Annie.

For two weeks now I have waited for this rabbit to appear in this case.  Henry and Peters, far too senior as a barrister and a politician respectively to turn up to court with nothing less.

First up there was Barry Soper's testimony and then column in the Herald attacking the defendants for the leaks.  A very late chocolate easter bunny at best.  This caught on in the political twitterati and commentariat who jumped all over the idea that the public servants must have acted improperly over the no surprises policy.  The bunny looked very ill later when Sir Maarten Wevers appeared and said it was entirely within the no surprise policy for their actions.

Next up was Richard Griffin strangely re-appearing not in court as a witness for Peters but in print with an astonishing unsolicited attack on bloggers and social media.  The very late chocolate easter bunny with an ear bitten off.  

Then Peters himself appeared screaming "subjudice" on Peter Williams' show before proceeding to act completely against his own wishes for silence and argue why the media didn't round down $936.43 to $17,000 and not up $63.57 to $18,000.   It was as if Peters was expecting the talking stick unopposed for two weeks based on rules he no longer actually understands.  The very late chocolate easter bunny by now completely melted after being shown too much sun as he continued Griffin's cries about social media.

Now today in closings they have effectively given up on Bennett and Tolley and said they did not leak.

Of some humour in the closings it appears Peters actually breached his own privacy in his pre-emptive strike to the media as none were going to actually run the story without it standing up and so it could have gone down as one of the great urban political beltway myths of our time!

He pointed to a Kiwiblog posting about the risks for Peters if the overpayment news was correct. However he gave the court the date August 28 for the Kiwiblog comment, and that was actually the day after Peters issued his press release.
The only social media content appearing before Peters went public had been three tweets from the writer of this article about a possible major political story, and the tweets did not mention him, his party, gender, age or superannuation.

So after all this do they withdraw and apologise?

Oh hell NO.  They didn't like the first rabbit much and are going for another rabbit, reframing their action and saying it was not just the two individual public servants but the broader MSD that leaked as well.  

Alan Shore appears to be either unwell or on vacation at this point, along with Shirley Schmidt.

Strangely the High Court list has the matter continuing tomorrow for of all things -  name suppression.

Denny Crane......


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