Jones Triples Down on Indian Community

Shane Jones got wind he was burned in effigy by the Indian community as told to Heather duPlessis Allen.  He erupted today by not even doubling down, he went straight to tripling down.

I have another explanation for his mis-understanding.

Indians have recently celebrated Diwali the last week of October and they have legendary displays of fireworks for it.  One of the things they do is burn a Ravana effigy.  During Diwali the story basically can be summed up with people lighting lamps at Diwali to remember that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil.

Here is what a Ravana effigy looks like, similar?

The timing of Diwali coincided with the Indian Association demanding a public apology from Jones.

Jones however took it personally and thought that they were burning him, not the terrible demon King.

"I'm not going to have any migrant tell me as a mokopuna of Tai Tokerau when my people have been here a thousand years… I'm not going to have an activist tell me that I'm racist - ever."
Because yes Shane Jones, racism can never happen at all between people with darker skins.  Ever.

Calling the Indian Communities concerns a "Bollywood Over-reaction" is akin to say I don't know, Don Brash calling treaty protestors uppity Maori.  We know where that would get Dr Brash.

Upsetting the Indian community isn't such a smart move, particularly dying in a ditch over their arranged marriages when many last longer and are happier than ones that other people arrange themselves.
For most people, partners were ideally chosen from within the hapū or iwi group. Marriages were often arranged, with children promised in marriage from a very young age. People also sometimes found their own partners, and would then seek agreement from senior members of their family.

Jones, le Grand Poo-bar on everything Maori, also should read up on Maori history as he might find references to arranged marriages being rather customary amongst the Tangata Whenua!


  1. “Upsetting the Indian community isn’t such a smart move...”

    Oh yes it is, for NZ First anyway, although not their coalition and confidence and supply partners. Along with the slur that bringing out a bride for an arranged marriage with immediate relatives gaining extra points for migration purposes = “bringing a whole village”, it is right out of the NZ First campaign handbook. They’ve long written off first generation migrants as a source of votes, and it dog whistles to their base of rural Pakeha and conservative Maori voters.

    And they know that Labour will need them to form any future government, so no real action from Ardern will follow.

    And as idiotic as Peters now appears in his trial, for the brain-addled senile constituency that fall for his populist snake oil, no matter what he signed or said to Winz is irrelevant. He is fighting the good fight against “them”, the economic and social meta forces or imaginary nebulous cabals that have changed NZ since circa 1963.

    I mean, ffs, Peters was a National Party candidate in Northern Maori way back in 1975 when Muldoon was campaigning for Universal National Super, which included the provision that couples are paid less pro rata than single Superannuitants...and he whines to Winz about why this should be so?! 😂

    1. Labour have just today backed well away from the policy and issued a new directive to the Department.

  2. So in the News Hub article the Indian "community" is claiming Jone's words will cause another white guy to go all Brenton Tarrant on them, LOL. But Jones is the one over reacting?

    Arrange marriages are illiberal, retrograde no matter how hard you try to spin them as marriages made in heaven. Burning your wife alive with the help of your rallies because the dowry was not high enough is still a thing in India.

    Indians are gaming our immigration system, just like they do everything back in India, which is why it is literally a dump where the local yokels cant even breathe the air. But "Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength", "Don't Let Hate Divide Us", "Just Like Us" right?

  3. Jones is dead right unless of course only Indians should be exempt from marriages of 'convenience' in dealing with INZ.


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