The Media Have Been The Story For Years Barry!

Soper and Peters in less stressful times

Not the first senior journalist at the NZ Herald to run off after giving evidence under Oath to then use their soapbox to defend themselves, Barry Soper has over-reacted today in fine fashion to Tim Murphy's report.

Soper takes umbrage at Murphy's killer line 
After his evidence Soper sat at the rear of the court with Winston Peters and his partner Jan Trotman.
God, it is not like Murphy then alleged Soper ran off with Peters and Trotman afterwards for dinner or anything!

The general public do not have that privilege of reaching an audience Soper has when members of his profession run and jump all over them.  
Fortunately it's rare but on the odd occasion those of us in the media become part of the story.
Surely this is tongue in cheek, members of the profession have made themselves central to the cast of characters in a story for years now, getting us all closer to the news.  Soper's (otherwise very talented and popular) wife got herself a right royal headline and milked acres of coverage and trouble I recall ordering a gun online to advance her career as a journalist. 

The evidence was essentially about what I had written and said at the time that Peters' pension over payment was leaked at the height of the last election campaign and my contention that the leak came from National is a view I don't resile from.
The issue was brought to my attention in strict confidence by National several weeks before Peters went public with the over payment after questions had been asked of him about it.
Right so protecting a source he has said a class of person "National" leaked it.  That is not protecting a source!
My source was confidential and to reveal it would compromise the very fabric of journalism.
No, Soper has already compromised that by breaching the confidence of the person already describing them as a political class narrowing them down.  No political operative should ever leak him information if he is going to then disclose directly what side of the political fence it came from!

I am very encouraged that it has taken just 39 years in the Gallery for Barry Soper to learn this lesson,  however better late than never.
It makes you realise just how hard it can be for the people who are in the media firing line when you read some of the comments that followed my appearance in the High Court trial.
Ya reckon Louise?

Monday morning I expect Soper to return to the Gallery a reformed man never to perform gotcha journalism again.


Venning J. may not be too happy reading this in the paper today as would Bennett and Tolley's counsel.  After all, there are still two weeks to go.  I have said it before, Soper's evidence should be disregarded for all manner of reasons, today's outburst just adds to the list. Fortunately it is not a jury trial and His Honour can now cleanse himself on a Friday with whatever beverage he wishes for the revolting week he has endured. 


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