Courtroom 13 - The Week In Review

Winners of the Week

Winston Peters - strangely enough with his support base, this week would have done him no harm at all.  None of them care if he cannot oversee completion of a Super form. I hazard a guess a week of coverage, any coverage especially where he is sticking it to the establishment, and he goes up in the polls. He lives off and loves litigation and seems completely unphased by it. For him this is just another week or two in politics.

Tim Murphy - has upset the glory and establishment of senior members of the Press Gallery present and it appears today even bodies drifting around from the Big Daddy Mafioso of the long shuffled on. Murphy was referred to as a blogger writing "garbage" of "irrational irresponsibility" materialising on "mainstream outlets". Ok, not so silent generation Pre-Boomer! As young Chloe would say.  

Paula Bennett - managed prima facie to escape unscathed and looked fresh, young and fabulous in doing so. 

Colin Craig and Jordan Williams - after the events of this week their political legal circuses appear slightly less ridiculous. Slightly.

The lawyers and barristers - all getting paid. #winning

Sufferers of the Week

(I refuse to call them losers as bar one on the list they’re all getting paid vast sums to suffer through this). 

Justice Venning - for having to preside over this circus of clowns in his court room for a week bringing elected representatives into disrepute with matters mostly irrelevant to the central issues of the law in question.  Possibly very happy for the separation of powers to exist with what he has seen thus far.

Anne Tolley - career in tatters even though nothing points to her leaking to media, she did breach Peters privacy to her Peters supporting sister.

Jan Trotman - suffered through getting entangled in the circus. The only complete innocent to date. 

Barry Soper - lost his rag completely especially with outburst on Friday back at Tim Murphy.

Fortunately things should simmer down now the political players are off the stage and more respect can be shown to the public as to why legal process should be used.

Next week will see the state sector under examination which is central to the case. 

Expect it to be a very dull affair as bureaucrats put their case that they didn’t act with malice under the no surprises policy.  We will no doubt see them stoically defend their neutrality and independence. 


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