UPDATE - Winston Peters And His Reputation For Detail

I have immediately updated this post now we have a report on evidence today from Jan Trotman.

Winston Peters with hundreds of pages of detailed reading in front of him.

I am enjoying the lengths that Winston Peters is going to this week to find out who leaked his Super stuff-up.

I say enjoying as I agree it was outrageous if it was leaked and a complete breach of privacy to have it published in the media. Lawyers will battle that out to prove or not prove who did it among the now 40+ suspects.

It is however equally as outrageous that he is making himself out to be a Saint in attempting to prove so.  There will be three weeks of this light entertainment. 

Peters also said it was not his fault his superannuation had been overpaid for seven years, because the Ministry of Social Development had incorrectly processed an incomplete application form.

1. A lawyer, senior politician, Deputy PM and esteemed member of the community did not check before or after, for 7 years, or even know what he should have been paid for Superannuation.  When  most of his voters rely and know intimately what the sum is.  MSD claim they sent him a letter in 2014 asking him to check the application. This will come up in evidence later as Peters has claimed not to recall this.

He did not complete one of the questions in the application form - which related to whether he had a partner - but the form was processed by MSD anyway. His pension rate was set based on this incomplete form.
"I could not accept in any way that the error was of my doing," he said.

2. A lawyer, senior politician, Deputy PM and esteemed member of the community refuses to blame himself for filling in a form with omissions.  You can picture him in the MSD office being subservient to the low paid worker letting them fill everything in for him can't you? Ergh not.  I picture a man of his intellect and nous taking charge of the painful moment, making it as short as possible and filling the  form in after researching the night before how to do it.  

I mean wouldn't it be horridly embarrassing not knowing how to complete it in his position in the community as a beacon for Grey Power?  The inventor of the Gold Card.  It would be a momentous occasion having him in the office that day and one that all the employees will remember, he wouldn't wish to appear to lack knowledge.  The man has far too much pride.

When Peters first applied for superannuation at a Ministry of Social Development office in April 2010, he said he had Trotman with him and introduced her as his partner. He did not complete one of the questions in the application form - which related to whether he had a partner - but the form was processed by MSD anyway. His pension rate was set based on this incomplete form

3. A lawyer, senior politician, Deputy PM and esteemed member of the community and his partner a successful senior businesswoman, sat together in the office and neither checked the form properly to complete it. drove to the MSD office and she waited aside and he went to the reception area. Lawyers out evidence to Peters on Tuesday that MSD staff gave evidence that Trotman was not at the office so was not introduced to them for them to draw that conclusion.

Having seen her, I personally find it impossible for anyone to not notice Jan Trotman in a room.

That was as damaging to a person's reputation as an allegation of sexual offending, Henry said.
"People were running around town saying that Peters had somehow chiselled the MSD for his benefit."
4. His lawyer is forming an argument that a lawyer, senior politician, Deputy PM and esteemed member of the community thinks that what happened to him was as bad as being called a sex offender. Right.......

"This is about damage to his reputation."

Indeed.  But maybe not in the way they are spinning it.  The voters didn't care, he is now Deputy PM, no loss there, he was the Kingmaker and merrily screwed Labour over for a great deal, no loss there and if you are going to ask what the actual loss is, it was minimal in that immediate sense.  His figure is outrageous as a result but I have yet to read any reportage of what he believes his damage was in an actual financial loss sense.

Today all we learned is that Winston Raymond Peters couldn't fill a form in correctly and completely, refuses to admit it might have been his fault, took his intelligent, successful partner along to the office with him and she didn't pick up the omission of her own circumstances on the form and his lawyer believes this when leaked, damaged his reputation as much as if he was accused of being a sex offender.

Good God is there a seat left vacant in the Public Gallery?

And if Winston Raymond Peters with Jan Trotman sitting next to him, cannot fill in a bloody form correctly and completely, are we expecting far too much from average 65 year olds or ones of minimal intellect to manage the same?

After all, the man only has to in his day job read at length and in detail Cabinet papers and matters of State.  Nothing too serious then.  In 2010 he had a lot of time on his hands so he cannot blame the stresses of the job, he was out of a job.

The form in 2019 cannot be more basic if it tried and prompts and mentions several times about partners.  The 2010 one I cannot find online to review so will need to hold comment on until it is disclosed. 

I never thought for one second Winston Raymond Peters was trying to trough a few bucks out fraudulently for his Super.  He has spent literally DECADES happily troughing with everyone's consent as a politician for a lot more money.

I just concluded from the leak that he was a bit of a nong for not taking charge as a; lawyer, then former Deputy PM and Treasurer, and perhaps our smartest and most cunning politician in history, of filling in a basic bloody form correctly and completely.

I then had a giggle about it.  Many people did.

And now for three weeks we are going to be reminded once again of his lack of reputation for capably filling in details completely and correctly on a simple form that hundreds of thousands of 65 year olds have managed perfectly adequately before and after him.  


  1. This is the best show in town, and its audience is growing. I fancy this will not end well for Mr Peters.
    I imagine, if he is not successful in his claims, costs will be awarded against him?
    I hesitate to think how much that might cost, and even if the long-suffering taxpayer bears the financial cost, the loss of face will be crippling.

    1. I do not think that will happen. This is the sideshow, the main issue going up this week and next is why the Ministers were told in the first place by the civil servants under the no surprises policy. I think that was outrageous personally.

      Even if he "loses" I suspect the Court will declare it just a "not win" and let costs fall where they lie.

  2. well we have learned that Tolley has a mouth like a torn sack,something we already know about Bennett.

    All prior Natz form on matters like this..incriminates..them.


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