Winston Peters and His Reputation For Detail II

Winston Peters and His Reputation For Detail I

Today we learned that Winston Peters  after decades and decades as an MP, thinks that it is a bit on the nose that Superannuitants receive less as a couple than they do as individuals.  

Yet all that time has done nothing about it in the screeds of policy for superannuitants.  In all likelihood he supported the differences himself!

"He was very unhappy to be having that discussion and his tone was indignant and defensive," she said. 
"His clear undertone was how dare we contact him about such a thing. I managed to hold him on the phone and de-escalate sufficiently for him to hear me."
After meeting with Peters in person, Nugent formed the view he had made a "genuine mistake" and the case would not be referred to the department's fraud team. Peters agreed to pay back the overpayment. 
"When we discussed the way super works he was a bit indignant that he was entitled to less because of being in a relationship, as he had been in our phone conversation."
A lawyer, senior politician, Deputy PM and esteemed member of the community campaigning for decade upon decade for superannuitants didn't actually know enough about the basics of Superannuation to realise what he was entitled to? And how it all works? I find this outrageous for Meredith Nugent to allege.  Surely her testimony is incorrect.

Gray said by the time details of the overpayment reached the ministers, it had been accepted it was an innocent mistake. By the time it reached the public, Peters led off also saying it was a mistake.
"How the plaintiff says the publication of true facts could be expected to cause him [reputation] harm and did, is unclear to the defendants."

We are starting to see perhaps how it is causing his reputation to be harmed but not in the way his lawyers are presenting it to the Court.  The evidence coming out from other parties and even from himself is that a lawyer, senior politician, Deputy PM and esteemed member of the community campaigning for decade upon decade for superannuitants, actually knows stuff all about the topic or the law. Added to that he didn't bother even though unemployed at the time, to read up on it or even how to complete a simple form.

It is certain so far that the form was stuffed up and Mrs Trotman was so invisible (impossible as she is a striking woman always dressed immaculately) that no one remembers her being there, yet she says she was so I would take that as truth.  She looks as happy to be dragged into this as John Banks' wife Amanda.  This is all irrelevant really to the case prima facie as it is about privacy and the leak, which will take up the rest of the court's time.

In the previews from Newsroom I am betting we will find that shock horror, a) two people can keep a secret when one of them is dead and b) people go home and tell their spouses and sometimes family bloody everything, which is why you shouldn't trust anyone in a close marriage with a close family.  More to come on that once Newsroom lifts its paywall.

The funniest and most certainly truthful piece of Ms Nugent's testimony has to be this:
She said in another phone call Winston Peters "nearly bit my head off because he thought I was a media person and he'd forgotten my name".
"Once I clarified who I was he was far more pleasant," she said.
Tau Henare is not a witness in the case but he let out a cryptic tweet doing the rounds.

I am sure Mr Henare here is referring to Shane Jones.


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