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TWG Review - Treachery in the Ranks

I went through the background of each tax workin g group review member the other day  . Surprisingly there were three dissenters who did not agree with all the recommendations of the TWG.   Joanne Hodge, Robin Oliver and Kirk Hope.  I say "surprisingly" as first up we had policy wonk Robin Oliver dissenting for the introduction of any new tax.  Hodge and Hope were welcome surprises to stick up for the taxpayer.   While the political leanings of Cullen, van den Belt, Rosenberg and Raumati-Tu'ua would be bleedingly obvious, had the following alleged pro-business members of the TWG stood up and dissented as well it would have thrown the entire TWG into disarray and in all likelihood force Labour to drop the silly ideas altogether. Malarao works at Meredith Connell in enforcement so it is likely he would have a left of centre view on tax. So the members guilty of treachery follow - Elliffe, Nightingale and Redington.   All from business and accounting backgrounds