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TWG Review - Expert Calls Ardern's Handling of CGT A Crisis

Damien Venuto is a name we are yet to be familiar with however after this stunning revelation today I am sure he will be quickly elevated up the ranks at The NZ Herald to senior Business editor in no time. Shock horror - Business NZ, The Employers and Manufacturers Association, the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce and the Property Investors Federation were just some of the organisations to fire out releases before the ink had even dried on freshly printed copies of the report. Of course they bloody well did! Just as every single time an issue deeply affects low income workers, the Unions get their hit-men and women out to produce pro-worker material the same happens on the other end of the spectrum when you are proposing to cost business billions extra. I produced my posts because I am pro-business, pro-right wing and pro-making money.  Everyone reading this knows that.  Money doesn't solve everything but having it sure as hell beats having problems and