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TWG Review - Why are Maori Authorities Taxed at 17.5%?

I do not have an issue with Maori authorities being taxed at 17.5%.  Not at all.  I just wish the rate could apply to everyone. So when Maori MP, Kiri Allan (Michael Cullen's instagram BFF) gets a bit tipsy on it, there now needs to be a question answered as to WHY Maori get this treatment?  It is not "gutter ball", it is a legitimate question that Cullen covered in the TWG that Labour requested was looked at - equitable taxation. Have a look at this from Treasury back in 2010.   The paper looked at the position of moving the rate from 19.5% to 17.5%. 4. At the time that the revised Māori authority regime was proposed in 2002, it was estimated that approximately 90% of Māori individuals earned less than $38,000 per year, meaning they had a statutory tax rate of 19.5%. The 19.5% rate was therefore the appropriate proxy for the tax rate applicable to the majority of Māori Authority members. The 19.5% rate has not changed since its introduction. 5. Sub