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The Next NZ Health & Fitness Tsar - Dave Letele

Rather than post about tax and politics I thought I would mix it up for something more positive. I have always believed that if you’re a fat bastard (and there is nothing wrong with that term or being one) it really is your own fault. The free market approach in that regard is quite easy.   Then I started following this chap online called Dave and the BBM Community. I first came across him as a guest at the Samoan fight Joseph Parker had against Jason Bergman in January 2016.  I found myself with friends rather hilariously yet awkwardly officially marching as guests in Parker's parade down the Main Street of Apia on to the stage. Dave was appearing that day in his alter ego "Brown Butterbean". He had lost a lot of weight but even then was a gimmick boxer. He came up onstage parading in his undies in front of the Samoan PM and other guests and I could see there was a lot more to the guy's story than this. He fought a guy nicknamed "Batman&qu