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What the Huawei Is Going On With China - Part IV - NZ Media On The Take? -

I have a series of blogs looking at this topic.   They are summarised here. Today Stuff has run the most disturbing article to date alleging:  "Concerns have also been raised about its Kiwi sponsorship deals, one of which sees the company's logo appear on all of The New Zealand Herald's Focus videos" Yes. Private companies are fully within their rights to take out advertising and sponsorship deals, and there is not necessarily anything untoward about this activity.  Well there actually is if they are attempting to interfere in the democratic processes and cyber-security of another country.  And it is questionable really if it is a "private" company?! But given political sensitivities, China expert Anne-Marie Brady questions the appropriateness of Huawei handing over money to New Zealand media..  I do not have any issue with Huawei taking out silly advertisements in newspapers or even sponsoring sports teams. I do have an