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Time For Cullen To STFU

The NZ Herald have kept the charade going with this headline screaming at us today Which I call bullshit on. Cullen was steering the HMS Capital Gains Titanic at high speed towards the iceberg of vested interests and sunk it himself.  He made it far too easy to lobby against.  Labour erred in appointing him in the first place, such a dislikable, smarmy target he is. The first question I have is did Cullen charge his $1,000 a day to write this piece? Because it is utter wankery. It is the first time I can recall someone brought into do a job like his was and when the recommendations were tossed out, behaving like such a brat that he immediately seems to think he has carte blanche to criticise the rejection of one of the platforms in it.  The Herald notes he is the "Former" Chairman but the piece shows his confirmation bias. In his piece he blames - MMP - vested interests - a campaign of misinformation - older pakehas - social justice groups A