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Another Day Another Needless Apology

Kai Kitchen today seemed to apologise for telling the truth. It is very hard from this report to see quite who is taking offence for what.  A charity group wishes to employ some actors for an advertisement on child poverty.  They sure as hell shouldn't be using children who are actually suffering poverty! "The photos will be of two children...together and apart. These need to show poverty. Broken shoes, bare feet walking to school, eating a Kai Kitchen lunch...that kind of thing," the post read. Sounds reasonable although has been done before to tug at the heart strings. Various groups confusingly joined the sides where it is unimaginable why.  Whiteys got all offended because you know, we shouldn't assume a kid with dark hair and brown eyes is Maori and blonde haired blue eyed kids are from poor families too. Maori got all offended because you know, despite horrid statistics on child poverty the charity singles out Maori.  Everyone got offended