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Sexual Harassment IS Ok, When Women Do It To A Man

The #metoo movement must be all in a tizz currently. Their own woke mainstreamers are sexually harassing and objectifying Mike McRoberts online and in print.   This gushing puff piece put out by the sales and marketing team at Mediaworks attempted to sell their flagship employee as a piece of juicy King Cut prime rib.  While his dancing is ok, it is not quite worthy of winning the competition.  If he does it will be based on things outside his ability. This campaign to keep him in the competition is based around consensual sexual harassment and objectification, however all of the overall objectification of women paid to appear as models, actresses and as instagram stars is as well.  The argument from the most militant is that this normalises the behaviour where men then think women want it all the time. In amongst this latest media shitstorm awkwardly is Paula Penfold, McRoberts' ex wife who is a #metoo reporter.  Ali Mau was interviewed and said: It is hig

Labour's Year Of Non-Delivery Shall Continue

This Labour led coalition has already shown it has kicked well into non-delivery mode.  In chucking out a proposed Capital Gains Tax it upset activists up and down the nation.  Kiwibuild is a disaster.  They cannot even get the build rate up for those able to finance $600,000, let alone people who haven't got $600 to their name. Hinemoa Elder today eloquently put them all on notice that the expectations of this nonsensical measured and named "Wellbeing" Budget best deliver or there will be loud shouting from loud shouty types. Only this time they have a reason to be shouty.  They were sold what I am sure will end up to be the false promises of a revolutionary government. Elder is fast becoming the new breed of activist, increasingly disillusioned with Labour and the Greens not moving to the welfare state left fast enough or large enough. Landlords put the rents up and kick out their tenants to make way for lucrative summer fees. Whānau are forced to

The Fuhrer Is Alive And Well In Aro Valley

Like beer, gin and red wine, I have never once consumed coffee in my life and do not even particularly like the smell of it.  I get my caffeine kick from politically incorrect sugar free Coke varietals that apparently we are all going to get cancer and die from.  I also get very irritated having to wait in line behind people who order coffee.  All with their own varietals and silly pedantic instructions.  Soy milk, extra this and that, almond milk, gluten, dairy free - it is endless.  The first week of my first job I was asked to make a coffee by a group of much older men.  I laughed loudly and told them it was best that they make their own coffee as I had no idea how to and neither did I wish to learn.  I laugh again writing this as they were all so old then that they're probably dead by now, but I killed two birds with one stone.  No one ever asked me to perform catering tasks again and I provided a quick effective way of ensuring I was not treated like an office girl.  Ther