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It Cannot Be Suppressed Any Longer - Spit It Out Son

Yes Jevan is trying to tell us something and as usual he is as subtle as a large sticky taiaha up a well used rectum.  Here is a summary in all publicly available Facebook pictures. Cool so we will have a guess. Yes something big is happening, John Harawira is getting a taste for spending other people's money again. For two people who do not drink at all, the Tamaki's do spend a hell of a lot of time down at the Viaduct. And on Owen Glenn's boat with Chinese real estate salespeople who love a sprinkle of horse racing and encourage clown suit attire for excursions. Oh yes it is one happy family. So Brian Tamaki is starting a political party and Hone Harawira will star in the production to get back at Kelvin Davis who won't let Tamaki into prisons?  Hell why not chuck in Donna Awatere, the current "Maori Climate Commissioner"? The only relative experience she has with that one is a fraud conviction.  Speaking of which here a

Lefty Woke Sook With LLB Runs To Law Society For Golly Gosh

The Law Society is there for adult things. Getting involved in politics between people is not one of those adult things. For someone with legal training to make this complaint about Stephen Franks when Franks not only is a respected senior practitioner, but an ex-MP is about as much of a joke as a complaint can be. The worst mistake was instead of doing so privately this Sam McDonald, Labour Party operative and candidate, has publicly published his complaint on the High Kingdom of Twitter to prove a "big man" political point with the woke glee squad who perform frequent circle jerks online. The problem with McDonald's approach is that he is a civil servant and should not be mixing politics with pleasure.  He should actually be the one investigated under their social media rules.  He should also be called out for being a lefty woke sook for in effect running his mouth off to the teacher complaining about kid he does not like being mean o

The Manopause

A lot of garbage is written about menopause online.  We are not allowed to call it garbage because it is akin to taking a large dump on the sisterhood.  Well, worse is to come for this cabal of passive aggressive bullies - there exists unicorns who have already skipped the entire process at a very young age and will never get it because we medically have been assessed as having reached that level of elite female flyer in the genetics department. Cough.   Now while I am sure some of the garbage written about menopause is genuine; from what women would like us all to believe is that at around the age of 50, women all get fat (despite you know not understanding to lose weight you need to be only in a calorie deficit), grumpy,  disinterested in things they previously were, their skin dries up, they do not want sex anymore and worse still HRT if you take it will cause cancer. This is the sort of example we are expected to take seriously: "As a vegetarian who loves yoga , we a