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Birmingham - Black Caps v Pakistan

I think we should just move on from that match. Edgbaston was terribly horribly cold at the level of The Oval and Bangladesh.  The positive was the alcohol lines were only full of the 12 New Zealanders in attendance.  We all needed it watching this match as it was a complete shocker where we never looked like winning.  Edgbaston for the Pakistani is a home game. Even with all my coldgear I froze myself completely as my ankle somehow from the lack of elevation still managed to swell over the antithesis of the fridge like temperatures. I returned to the Hyatt in Birmingham and within minutes the Blackcaps were slowly marching up to the team meeting.  One hoped they received a Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer for their pathetic performance.  Neesham, de Grandhomme and Kane again all played well.  The rest were completely average.  That we only got four wickets was a disgrace.  Latham again ZERO form. I met a couple at the hotel doing the complete trip as I am.  The wife had gi