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Manchester - Black Caps v Oh My God

I counted four Black Caps supporters in my stand at Manchester. I didn’t count the Pakistanis who trolled the Indians by supporting us for the day. Although I should. When the final wicket was taken after waiting for a DRS you could feel the silence spread all over your excited sweaty NZ arms awaiting to burst out expletives of joy. Only you couldn’t. You’re in a stand of by this state rather pissed off Indian fans. As good natured as they were it possibly wouldn’t have extended this far as jumping up and down multiple times screaming “oh fuck yes”. I knew that’s what you were all doing back home at some ungodly hour. I am here, have tickets, with a small group of other likeminded people and all we could do in the greatest moment in NZ cricket since Grant Elliott hit a glorious six to win us the game against South Africa in the lovely warm covered stand that is Eden Park, was look at each other and piss ourselves laughing at the enormity of the situation. We couldn’t celebrate