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Visiting Hong Kong - Adventure Tourism 101

Contrary to delusional media, Hong Kong is very much still open for business.  I know because I spent possibly the most amazingly pleasant 4 nights in the city I ever have when visiting last weekend. What normally would have taken 3 days of work to achieve I got done in one afternoon.  There are a few things to note however. - China are not going to take any shit from other countries about Hong Kong.  Diplomatically it is a very large no-go zone.  Do not talk to locals you do not know about protests and that makes a double for any Mainlanders you meet.  I understand the HK argument and also can view it from a Mainland perspective.  It is one as a visitor that it is recommended you wear out your crotch sitting on that fence. - Be careful arriving at weekends.  I aimed to arrive on a Sunday (in time for the best roast champagne deal in the world at the Mandarin Oriental Grill - a death row meal that I broke my supposed 12 weeks off the booze, now 2 x 6 weeks spurts).  This