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Winston Peters and NZ First say #youarelying

I had a very pleasant day today trekking up and down a very large hill in 30+ degree temperatures with my double fractured ankle now in week 14 of its recovery.  Half way down the hill the ankle become increasingly uncomfortable, so much so that I had to stop and tighten the strapping I have to wear daily in constant driving 30+ degree heat.  I hobbled back down swearing every 100m, only to find that my driver had decided he should not be there at the pick up point, rather when the cellphone finally got back to first world reception, I found a text to say he was going to be another hour as he had to pick something up for his mother. Instantly I sacked him of course and found another driver but by then I was as close to passing out as one can be without adequate hydration. Yet still my day was far more comfortable compared to that of the poor complainants in this Labour sex scandal who had to read of left-wing blogs having another go at them, but this time also a coalition partner