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Climate Change Emos With Their Giant Egos - Where Are Their Parents?

We have already established that I have the perfect lifestyle that these climate change emos are demanding we live.  That is, if I actually believed that organics and sustainability actually matter. Adults are throwing children out to protest climate change at a disgustingly rapid rate and it needs to stop. The children are of course loving the attention, as all children would. In their own tiny niche communities they are the new cool kids, the rock stars and rugby players.  They feel powerful and worthy. Adults are finally paying them some attention that to date only their smug AF adoring middle class parents have for their little Prince and Princesses. Their arguments are not new.  We have all heard them before from adults.  It is like they feel they are brave pioneers but do not know their history and have missed that for years we have suffered Al Gore calling more than a decade ago for civil disobedience.  He was ignored as an alarmist eventually after twits handed him a No