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The Review Industry in NZ Chugs Along - CCC v Swiggs

Further in the series from yesterday, as luck would have it today we have a prime example of how the Review Industry in New Zealand is completely out of hand.  We have an obsession of appointing the supposed elite in society to decide things when it is actually the job of people either democratically elected or chosen and paid handsomely, to actually work things out themselves. Christchurch City Council Moves To the Court Room I posted on this in the first instance. Retired Associate Justice John Matthews appointed on or about the 20th of September has taken the best part of two weeks to report his findings to the Acting CEO of Christchurch City Council Mary Richardson on some messages and texts surrounding Councillor Deon Swiggs. Statement from Christchurch City Council Acting Chief Executive Mary Richardson  I have received the independent investigator’s advice on the preliminary assessment of the Code of Conduct complaint against Councillor Swiggs. The investi

Has New Zealand Reached "Peak Review"? Who Really Is The Boss?

News of former High Court Judge, Kit Toogood's appointment into what happened down at Canterbury University halls of residence has me asking this pertinent question. I did make a quip  in a post a couple of weeks ago in regards to the endless reviews and inquiries announced by Jacinda Ardern as she put an Employment QC in charge of a potentially criminal sex abuse inquiry:  Who will she put in charge of the independent review of Kensington Swan? Kit Toogood perhaps? The statute of limitations on sexual assault will pass and Neve will be at Intermediate School before Toogood completes that and bores us all with 300 pages of why he cannot pick a winner! And here we have it - peak review and inquiry. Toogood finally has a public service retirement gig .  The terms of reference are as follows : a. The circumstances surrounding the delay in the discovery of Mason’s death. b. Whether any concerns about Mason’s welfare were raised by any party with UC, CLV, or anyon