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Auckland Council Elections - A Response To DPF

David Farrar in the past has been kicked out of the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy).  He admits himself back in of course, and we all let him   but today's post leads me to believe that for the first time in quite a few years he needs to be re-expelled. Mayor It’s effectively a choice between Goff and Tamihere. Tamihere will shake up the status quo. No. No. No.... Voting because someone will "shake up the status quo" is not a good excuse when who you are asked to vote for is a joke of a candidate and completely full of b.s and has been his whole career making a joke out of everyone who has ever voted for him.  His promises do not make any sense and running with Christine Fletcher just makes him three times less appealing.  His campaign, despite being run by alleged cross-party political masterminds has been an epic clusterfuck from woe to go. I prefer to be honest about the choices and just vote for the professional comedian - Tom Sainsbury.  W