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Respecting Winston Peters

After a long absence  Lord Richard Griffin spoke from his "thrown"  to inform us that Winston Peters deserves more respect. Well he didn't, the sub-editor of Stuff did but the opinion piece thereafter was accurate to the headline as Lord Griffin made a sterling attempt to stick up for his old mate.   Winston Peters himself has not asked political commentators and bloggers to respect him more, for if you have to ask for respect you do not deserve it.  In the very same way if you have to ask people to trust you, they should not.  I doubt Winston Peters cares what anyone thinks of him who will never vote for him. Griffin himself had a long and illustrious career as life member of the Gallery but also not too briefly as man servant protecting easily the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime (and I am counting ALL the Labour ones here) James Brendan Bolger.  Legends dark have it that in foreign shores, Griffin was often mistaken for the PM such was the dim