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New Zealanders Becoming Addicted To Disaster And Tragedy

Yes, what happened on White Island was a tragedy.  Not so much that the volcano did what they naturally do but that people were on it having a tourist experience when it happened.   The aftermath however is taking on full retard Pike River, Christchurch Earthquake, Christchurch shooting proportions.  It needs to stop.  I am waiting for some numpty to attribute it to the fraud that is "climate change". Immediately it was as if New Zealanders were wanting full information, full disclosure from the Police, full statistics for the disaster addicted.  Police and rescue were questioned and hounded while trying to do their jobs.  Calls commenced that the communications systems to the public were not good enough.  I mean really, people were expecting live-streaming the way they carried on. What were people expecting in this day of instant information? A survivor to break through the pain barrier from the burns engulfing their fingers to upload their cellphone footage on