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Laura Vincent Deserves A Nice Juicy Steak

Some poor woman called Laura Vincent has gone to the hell that is tasting "fake meat" for us. Unlike a woman's tits you cannot fake meat I cannot think of anything more ghastly than being force fed fake meat.  Some real meat is bad enough.  If I am going to put calories into my body these days then I am not going to waste it with anything that is not delicious. There are predictions that this will be all that people will eat in 50 years time. It is another reason that I am opposed to extending ones life beyond an average span. The sorts of people who think "fake meat" is great are against genetic modification for everything else.  Dutifully forgetting that they are shoving half a lab down their throats when tasting this muck.  They seems to want to reproduce the smell, taste and texture of meat when many say they dislike all those qualities of meat. My decision to go meat-free was initially fuelled by anxiety at environmental crises spring