Black Caps Scoring More Runs Off The Field Than On?

The first man is well and truly down from the ill fated Black Caps tour of Australia where we lost were annihilated 3-0 in the tests to the Aussies.

No, no, no, no.

And it is not the poorly performing Mitchell Santner, Jeet Raval or Tim Southee.

Yes, a member of the support staff closely ingrained in the team through relations, has disgraced himself by circulating on social media (accidentally I am sure), a picture of a young lady very naked.  The venue looks very much like a hotel room, where we are left in no doubt that it was taken against her wishes as she is not posing at the camera.  I have seen it and will not republish it in any form as it only re-victimises the woman in it not him.

Good on ya mate.  Was it your score? Or one of your buddy's in the team that has been circulated?

I could not care less if anyone has had consensual sex with a young lady/hooker/grandmother.  Such activity is well prevalent on sports teams and travelling around unaccompanied and for all this chap shows the world, he is single anyway.

What is though particularly appalling once taking or in receipt of a photo (especially and ironically in his position), he has chosen not to keep the photo to himself but to even put it in a position where it was forwarded or shown to anyone.  I mean if he did not accidentally put it online (no amount of spin claiming his phone was hacked is possibly) what was he going to do? Go show his mates in the team and humiliate her behind her back? Keep a score to prove he is one of the lads if he was in bed at the time taking the shot?

One thing is for sure, he wouldn't have shown it to his poor mother who was travelling with the team.  

He will have to explain to her what a grubby, filthy little pig he has been to this unsuspecting anonymous woman should he not be shielded from the media fallout by the actual media liaison in the NZ Cricket team - Laura McGoldrick aka Mrs Guptill and daughter of players agent Leanne.

And if that happens it raises a lot of questions about the long-suspected cosy relationship with the media and NZ Cricket and why we may never know the true story about why we were so bloody awful in Australia.

Postscript The Herald have dutifully reported the account was hacked, if so how would one explain the backpack on the floor by the hotel room desk!


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