We All Know A "Jarrod" Or Seven

The gift economy? Really.

Jarrod lives on an off-grid permaculture farm called Hope Seed in far-east Gippsland, Victoria. The farm is zero cost and has 350 fruit trees, 25 chickens, 10 ducks, dairy goats, bees, veggies and horses.
Jarrod has recently moved to the gift economy in which items are given freely as opposed to being traded or sold.

Jarrod at least is honest about it.  We all have or have had people in our lives who have bludged off our generosity and lived their own extraordinary imaginary lives around groups of people well away from us, pretending they can afford things they cannot.

I particularly liked this interaction.

Rose: Do you feel free?
Jarrod: It’s super freeing. It’s fantastic. I can work as long as I want to work during the day, or I can sleep in. If I want to do a three-hour stint of work and then a siesta, then work into the evening, that’s no problem.
Free?  Of course he feels free.

I am still waiting after more than a decade for many a promised return generosity from people who have gone on to do the same to others all the while pleading Jarrod style poverty. 

At least with Jarrod you can get ying yang, frost and chocolate butter beans.  Although I doubt very much his farming is zero cost.  To him maybe but he will be bludging off someone down the line.


  1. What happens when the goats or horses get sick? Etc.


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