Winston’s Waitangi Blow Out

Winston Peters surely must have been taking the piss when he accused Simon Bridges of politicising Waitangi Day.

Hello. Mr Winston Raymond Plastic-Maori-Peters arise. 

Every politician at Waitangi is politicising it. Every single one. From time began.

I made a joke on Facebook that no one goes to Waitangi for the hangi. Then I see reports of the Shane Jones BBQ this year and notable righter wing folk at it. The sort that loudly claim in “our” company Jones is a fraud/corrupt/fucking idiot/cock muppet/ need we go on. They are only there for the food and probably their own trough at the PGF. They’re despicable disgusting political traitors. Anyone at the BBQ who wishes to rat out the other “competitors” at it please list them in the comments to be published here. 

The Project tonight ran a story with born again Prince of The Woke and Gush Paddy Gower running a story there’s more to Waitangi than the politicians. That’s nice. I hope so. I’m glad that good and decent Maori are doing something else up there to celebrate than political posturing and sniggering. 

A young relative of Willie Apiata cheekily politicised Waitangi and claimed in front of our Prime Minister and others that Maori need free dental care. Obviously it’s not enough to provide free doctors visits, breakfasts and lunches in schools, housing and welfare. We now have to have some Maori open their mouths and pay for what’s going on inside there as well. Groan.

To do so the young man privileged by his more famous relative, bastardised the English language using the term “aks”. All at a time Bridges is mocked for not speaking Te Reo fluently. Maybe Isiah Apiata should be “aksing” his Iwi to look after his mouth with all the inheritance they’ve received through Treaty claims....that’s where every other New Zealand ethnicity has to turn to when they cannot afford something - their family. We can’t politicise our relatives at Waitangi for such gains. Oh that’s right his Ngapuhi cannot even agree amongst themselves to settle Treaty claims. Again asking the Crown for things is secondary to the issues Apiata’s elders have.

Getting back to the broader issues, Simon Bridges has terribly upset Winston Peters. He’s rattled him. Not since the first time Bridges put him out of politics has he done this. 

Peters is now attempting to destabilise the National Party with hints that if Judith Collins becomes leader he may go with National. Soon to be Ockham Award nominated Collins, is far too wary to ever trust that as an endorsement and I doubt National’s caucus are that desperate to be in government they feel they need to have a government with Peters. They’ve collectively and I bet unanimously decided to shred him.

It’s not National that’s upsetting Winston.

Labour are now in prime position to cut his lunch. They don’t need him. They all now know it.  This is why Ardern and Shaw look so smug currently.

Thanks to Simon Bridges and his National caucus, Winston Peters has become the silly old drunk uncle at the family reunion and in a bid to be relevant he took the Shane Jones speaking slot to have a go at Bridges who is young enough to be his son. 

It was a targeted bunch of silly comments from an angry old part-Maori man living in the past celebrating how good he used to be when everyone voted for him for his Pakeha side and not his Maori one.

Any negotiation with Winston after the election with Labour is going to go like this. Well Simon doesn’t want you, what are you going to give us to join us in government. Here are our better, far
more trustworthy friends, ones we like - the Greens.

And that’s why it’s so good what the National Party have done. They have not only made their boldest move in years for a Conservative lot, they’ve also shafted Winston with Labour even if they end up “losing” the election. And they’ve done it with enough time this time for voters to actually know what they’re voting for.

And that’s why Winston and his tame trolls are spitting tacks.  

They’ll keep spitting them until their heads explode.


  1. If it had been me, i would have waited just a bit longer. If Peters still thought he had a chance with National he might have worked to differentiate himself from the COL - ie criticise them. And that would help National. Now he knows he has to throw his lot in with the COL. His contribution to the COL would be boosted by being given a sweet deal seat - all bad news. But maybe that would have happened anyway since no-one really thought he would go with Bridges.

    1. Given the events of the past 24 hours, I think Bridges' timing couldn't have been better.

  2. to have a go at Bridges who is young enough to be his son.

    nope Grandson.


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