"Don't Panic" - Businesses Already Have Their Noses Near The Trough

Two words that of course put everyone within earshot of total panic.

As reports of toilet paper shortages are spread worldwide, the whole world seems to have sprung into total panic mode.  All over a few sniffs and snuffles.

If we ever get into real shortages in toilet paper there is only one thing you will need to survive and Jacinda Ardern has gone and taken them all off you.  

Yes the doomsday scenario is why a lot of people really owned a gun in the first place. To protect themselves and their loved ones.  Within the year they seem entirely justified as they can now only arm themselves with dunny paper.  

Seriously human beings left in control of themselves go out and do whatever the herd is doing and currently the herd is buying up dunny paper, hand sanitisers and masks (none that will protect them) and low level medicines such as Nurofen from the supermarket.  Again, proven not to do a hell of a lot.

People have been established as leppers just for travelling FROM or even in transit from named countries on what seem now to be randomly appointed banned lists.  We are forced into 14 day isolation based on panic and fear.  Dare you not to even transit through a country on that "list".  

The Prime Minister of NZ seems intent on holding press conferences and to comment with every case that comes up of the illness.  This has naturally led to the people in question with name suppression being flushed out by communities and everyone associated with them taunted online.

All for something medically equivalent to a winter flu!

Fortunately some have maintained proportionality in the "crisis"

Does the PM hold a presser and give attention to every case of the winter flu in New Zealand? Hand out details of where they have travelled, hunt down people on public transport and those who have potentially come across the 2020 style lepper?

Businesses in the tourism sector already have their hands out.  These are businesses that for years have creamed the benefits of endless tourists pillaging New Zealand's landscapes.  

Did they not save any money for a rainy day?
Did they not see that once China or Chinese tourism went elsewhere they would have a problem?

Of course not, many operators have been creaming the good times, buying up property, boats and fast cars enjoying their new found wealth from the nations prostitution that is tourism. Saving the cash earned? Oh heavens no, we will just use it to borrow even more!  Many operators are not truly local and just send their cash offshore anyway.

The restaurant industry, severely overpopulated already, has its hand well out.  Many are pure immigration scams anyway and struggle to survive even in boom times.  The hoteliers at least in the main centres are going gangbusters if you look at the current hotel prices, try getting a decent hotel room in Auckland over summer for less than $300 a night.

Did the forestry industry not see likewise?  All those nice logs sitting around without a home now China has slowed right down to a stop.  

The dairy industry gave them plenty of years to see what even the slightest sneeze in Chinese can do to them.  Coronavirus effects are the equivalent of an infamous large Chinese hoick over the whole of New Zealand.

Quite what they think any government is meant to do in this circumstance, I don't know.  Any intervention by government is not the market at play.

There are allegations that there is a crisis group of the nation's best minds advising the current government presently in a war room.  I snigger at this thought given these are probably the same people who have been helping the hapless Labour-NZ First-Green coalition from day one.  When Grant Robertson is your leading financial brain in Cabinet and the Prime Minister having legendary  moments of economic illiteracy......

But one thing is for sure, they should not bail out with endless cash.  The owners and operators of these businesses have taken the good times.  Any business that has longevity and is run properly can withstand the bad ones.  

The Prime Minister needs to remind them of this.  Of course she does not have the courage to make this speech in an election year.  Looking like a tough guy next to Scomo in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is much cooler for the kids.

I suspect that the veneer of infinite wealth in New Zealand is about to be shattered with owner operators of these "Mum and Dad" businesses with "Mum and Dad" rental property and home valuations propping them up, is about to get its first real test with large cashflow shortages for many months on end.

The biggest and only worry with Coronavirus is not contracting or dying of it, but an economy dying because of the hysteria of it.

The good news though is that Jacinda Ardern doesn't think we should measure the health of a nation by its GDP anymore.  Her transformative government totally transformed the definition of success and health to the following factors:

1. Child well-being (already worsened under her watch)
2. The inequalities of indigenous people (Maori are heavily invested in primary industries reliant on China so this may not improve).
3. Building a nation adapted to the digital age (one area we are excelling, creating mass hysteria online) 
4. Fashioning a low-emission economy (once our primary industries go down the gurgler emissions will naturally drop).
5. Mental health....well.....

How really is everyone's mental health when we have shops stripped of toilet paper?


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