Everyone Non-Essential In The Public Sector Needs To Take A 30% Paycut

The Coronavirus Coalition needs to get serious about distribution of the pain of (in my view) this ridiculous social, medical and economic experiment of shutting borders into New Zealand and sticking you all on home detention for "four" weeks.

What they have effectively done is shut down the private sector in New Zealand with a few exceptions, and given their non-essential mates in the public sector (who are not essential and still hard at work in offices doing stuff), at least a four week paid vacation with total job security to date, at the end.  

Who pays for this? That is right - the very people in the private sector the government has told cannot open for business.

I don't care about the circumstances of this alleged crisis worldwide, if you as a government and a country tell private sector businesses they cannot operate for a period of time and close the borders so they effectively lose businesses and livelihoods overnight, you have to not only compensate the employees but you must provide restitution to the owners of those businesses.  

Many of whom right now are trying to keep their shit together living with children and partners almost 24/7 and having to play the role of cleaners, cooks, domestic servants and worse still - teachers to their itchy feeted kids the whole day.  How has week one gone and are you looking forward to week two?

That is right, parents ARE now all home-schooling their kids to different levels, at the same time probably trying to hold down jobs to keep businesses afloat for other people (from home) or running their own business to do the same, from home.  And paying teachers who are not teaching because the kids cannot make it to school and online classroom learning is proving to be completely tits and wasting good fibre that adults should be using.

Now we know from past experience cutting the numbers in the public sector does more harm than good.  Everyone the bosses hate gets the boot completely, and they then take the opportunity to re-employ their mates on big consultancy packages.

That is why effective immediately everyone in the public sector should be told they have their jobs but to keep them all employed they need to take a 30% paycut until the New Zealand borders re-open and the country becomes globally functioning again. 

This will also give an incentive electorally for the leftists in the Coronavirus Coalition to get on with it and stop listening to a bunch of scientists who cannot tell their ass from their ears currently and have all come down with a sad case of NFI - no fucking idea, when it comes to all matters.  It would also make the public sector have skin in the game.

You cannot freeze your economy indefinitely with no KPI's in place to show people when you are going to get back to normal.

This is lunacy on the grandest scale imaginable.

To date the Coronavirus Coalition and in particularly Jacinda Ardern have not had to make a single tough decision.  They have hid behind layers of "experts" and "statisticians" and "modellers".

At some point the only decision they will need to make is to hit the green button and put the failed experiment aside and just get on with it.  Or if Coronavirus is to be eradicated fully in New Zealand and the borders closed, then further public sector cuts are needed to ensure that they are paid on a local and not international scale.  Perhaps they can all then take a 50% pay cut.

Until then, why is the public sector in New Zealand not sharing the pain as the private one is?

Wage subsidies and virtual hugs to supermarket workers and essential private sector services from Prime Minister Ardern are not going to cut it I am afraid.

Update - Mediaworks has just this morning asked staff to take a 15 per cent pay cut. In the meantime the public sector sits pretty. How long before the journalists sit on their collective butts and ignore their taxes are still paying for fully paid up public servants?


  1. Who would want to work in the private sector now ?
    - Four weeks leave vs Public sector 5
    - Guaranteed employment regardless of performance
    - Higher salaries

  2. Every industry is essential. Every single one.

  3. My granddaughter’s company (big national firm) has just cut pay 20%. “He who robs Peter to pay Paul will always get the vote of Paul”. True leadership, as opposed to froth, would see Miss Ardern do what you recommend - cut the government wage bill by at least 20%.

  4. "who are not essential and still hard at work in offices doing stuff"
    Should read:
    "who are not essential and still in offices doing stuff all or stuff to stuff up those who work hard"

    Also, the source of all government revenue is the private sector.
    There is no restitution of the private sector that does not come from the private sector.
    Taking money from the private sector to provide restitution to the private sector simply results in
    1) reallocation of private sector wealth (of disputable benefit); and
    2) waste paying bureaucrats to determine the allocation, resulting in less total private sector wealth.

    We are best to just shut down most government departments - schools, roading, parks (all able to privatised) for example.


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