Greens Still Flying Internationally Amid Armageddon

I spotted Chloe Swarbrick in Sydney today.  What possible reason could she have for being here?

One would accept it if she was a disappointed Cricket fan but if it is a publicly funded trip at this juncture when even Grant Robertson is cancelling his junkets, you have got to ask why?

The parliamentary expenses released this week show Green Party list MPs clocked up more on air travel in three months than any other party's list MPs. The Greens spent on average $9816 each, compared to New Zealand First's $8509, National's $7332 and Labour's $6499.



  1. I doubt Chloe Swarbrick would know anything about cricket. In fact she she probably would not know that there was a game on.

  2. How many trees did James Shaw plant his-self


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