If You Love New Zealand - Just Stay The F*** Away

The second it was obvious that the "Coronavirus Coalition" was hell bent on closing the borders, every New Zealander overseas (and Winston Peters claimed there were 80,000) should not have rushed home.

They should have decided right then and there, put your big girl or boy pants on, hit Air bnb and ignore Winston and stayed the f*** away.   Winston should have instead run a "It Is Ok To Stay The F*** Away" campaign, and even paid per person for people to do that.  It would have been cheaper than keeping the country in lockdown longer than necessary.

It is not like the world is lacking in cheap accommodation options at present!  I did not fly back to partake in this ridiculous science and medical experiment.  First up I did not wish to be stuck in New Zealand for the next six months that it looks as though you may be at least, but also, I did not need to - so why use a seat up that someone who desperately needed to get back, could take.  I have not spent March through to December in New Zealand for as long as I can remember.  It is wet and cold and of course winter.

There are many excuses people used to go back, "we were on holiday", "I have a sick Mother/Grandmother", "I have to work", "the kids need to get back to school". Yes none of you can do these things currently anyway.

All these excuses are now completely ridiculous that the country moved quickly into a full month lockdown.

Does it matter where you are in the world in this lockdown?  Most countries have severe restrictions now on what you can do.  Everyone should have just stopped and simply stayed where they are.  It is a good thing people have been trapped overseas.  Leave them there and stop the sob stories.  Every stranger I have spoken to overseas at random has just refused to pay the airfares home, many are waiting for Winston to send a plane to get them.  That plane may never come.  When they can come home, it will be much easier to isolate and track them.  Hopefully by then, there is an almost instant test that can tell with accuracy whether you have had or are carrying the virus, reducing the need for quarantine at all.

Instead, The Coronavirus Coalition gave you all a month of home detention but still accepted New Zealanders arriving back, some could until very recently get on regional flights to get "home" from the city they flew into (usually Auckland).  This was utterly outrageous and self-defeating of the end goal.  Many countries New Zealand deems less sophisticated, have for weeks only accepted arrivals with a Covid-19 clear medical certificate.  Not that it means much given how it is transmitted but at least it means there has at some point been a test.

Heather du Plessis-Allan wrote today:
To do that, it must stop the arrival of coronavirus into this country from overseas. As many as 50 infected people are arriving here each day. That's according to Dr David Skegg, who reckons we're trying to empty a bath with a jug while the tap's still running. The tap is the flow of infected arrivals from overseas.
And this
Every day that arrivals keep bringing it in is potentially another delay in lifting the lockdown. It's heartening that the Government is now quarantining arrivals who are sick or who have no satisfactory plans to self-isolate. But that's simply not enough.
I hazard a guess that all these days you are in lockdown have been a waste and the clock will not really start until every arrival back to New Zealand is frogmarched into a facility adjacent to the airport (airport hotels) and dealt with.   

Stop narking on people walking to beaches and having a contemplative moment of reflection in the sands, none of those persons in your community have done 1/1000th the damage as returning New Zealanders who followed the law, the laws being hopeless.

Jacinda Ardern will blame those returning for an extended lockdown.

When the blame really should be with politicians too soft to police the measures correctly.


  1. There are potentially (probably) more than 100,000 overseas visitors still in NZ as the country enters a level 4 lock down to combat coronavirus.

    Commercial accommodation is classed as an essential service for people requiring isolation and hotels are scrambling to cater for guests who have opted to stay here or are unable to get home.


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