So Why Aren't The Public Sector Workers On Your $585.50 a Week?

Right now the private sector in New Zealand is having to take one up the right chook.  They wish to keep trading but a government state of emergency has been declared saying they cannot.  The government has decided their customers cannot come out and they cannot open.  There is nothing capitalist or free market about this decision.  Everyone would prefer to keep coming to work and keep trading with freedom of movement.

To say "we are all socialists now" is a disgusting and desperate grab for political points and a massive own-goal as the very reason everyone needs to be effectively on welfare is that the State has stepped in and told business they cannot trade and workers they cannot work, people that they have no freedom to travel and trade and associate.  If everyone now is a socialist then they need to own the fact we have years of misery ahead if truly down this track.

People currently not able to work, on home detention, all with uncertain futures, are at home living off $585.50 a week in subsidies if self-employed or with employers wages and top ups.  Many are not going to have jobs to go back to and you know it.  That is why this time is so bloody awful.

Right now the public sector employees, that is right, those paid from your taxes, are living it large.

Many are "working from home", in other words, not essential workers and have stuff all to do.

I am not talking about those who work in essential public sector jobs during this time.  They are all either at work, doing it rough with 24/7 demands and questions.. They are finally working their butts off.  But a very large percent of the public sector are at home, on full pay with nothing to do through this.  They have job security at the end of it.  Their employer just keeps printing more cash.

Is this right? Is this fair? 

If you earn say $800 a week from mowing lawns, doing odd jobs and being self employed.  You cannot physically work during this lockdown as you are not "essential".  You have had to take this haircut.

Someone in Wellington who organises the colouring in department in a sector that is not "essential" is receiving full pay?

From your taxes!

Come to think of it, how many people on these "wage subsidies" will not have jobs after 12 weeks at all and will have to come off them and on to the dole. 

Yet have a non-essential job in the public sector and you get to keep it.  After a month of you not working and the wheels in Wellington still turning.

Until Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Coalition start cutting the largesse in the public sector I cannot see why private businesses and corporates have to take all the hit in this crazy medical and science experiment that is a nation-wide lockdown and border closure.

They need to lead the way and stick their own public sector lackeys on this subsidy that maintains the nations self-employed at this time and see what the feedback is.


  1. The essential public sector workers are the front line. They are also the lowest paid.

    There is an army of useless advisors, operational support, managers and policy types sitting around home fiddling with their laptops. Amazing things have been done in a few days without their bullshit.

  2. God bless you Cathy are a lone voice of reason.

    1. There are a few of us. I have been astonished that people I previously thought were rational, successful, mentally strong and highly intelligent people with their own opinions have cowered under the duvet at the first thought of this.

  3. Really enjoying your blog - it’s a refreshing changing from the stomach-churning Jacinda fan club that seems to be social media and even the main stream media. I’m a long term expat and only hope this is misleading and NZ hasn’t completely lost it’s reason and become infantilised. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hear hear. Been reading your blog Cathy for a few years now. Kiwi expats like myself know all to well the debauchery that goes on in NZ that can only be seen once you leave.

  4. Thanks Cathie. You have answered a question that I have been trying to find out. The answer of course is no surprise.

  5. I raised this several days ago and posted it everywhere I could think off. Thank you for speaking up. So far, our local Mayor has said they were investigating it for Council and the various off shoots. No screams and yells yet from anyone so imagine that the ratepayers are still being suckered. There are so many kwango's and useless departments that should be shut down and added to the $585 list. Women's Affairs, Maori Affairs Waitangi Tribunal, Sport, Schools, Universities. The list just goes on ad infinitum.

    Good time for a clean out.

  6. Like you, I'm amazed at the headlong rush to panic that has ensued among supposedly smart people but its encouraging that credible alternative views are now appearing in the media to counter the official line from NZ's incompetent govt and their lap dogs. My wife, who doesn't stray far from the MSM, encountered Peter Hitchens who I think raises sound arguments against control freak panic and the related socialist wet dreams in the news today.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am almost beside myself with the repulsive tripe we are being served up by the msm in NZ. Potty training Neve, for God's sake! It is almost wall to wall adoration of Jacinda who is the root cause of our troubles. When we had the opportunity to get on top of this she was swanning around Fiji splashing our cash and determined to hold an unwanted memorial service purely for photo opportunities.


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