Foot In Mouth Disease Another That Is Still Not Eradicated

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Someone is in for a world of pain after compiling a snarky, bitchy rant at Sir Bob Jones.   The rant was something you would expect from a salty Green Party voter.  It is definitely not that of someone with expertise in "banking, personal finance and funds management"

Starks writes;

What's the chance Bob Jones and his commercial tenants will negotiate a stationery voucher in lieu of a rent-free or corona-discount period? Given the business-to-business nature of that negotiation and Bob's long-term view on property, it seems an unlikely outcome.

The rest is a bullshit rant that can be deleted from the annals of history with a simple fact:

Sir Bob Jones has allegedly offered a very generous package for his tenants out of Coronavirus.  If she had made at least one phone call around any of them she would know this.

She may have also learned that despite his rumblings about tenants, he is a reasonably popular landlord.

If Sir Bob reads this, I'm sure he'd pour cream sherry on my musings and call them fictional trifle.   
What we must remember is he's bought his groceries, educated his kids, kept a few wives in holidays and sunk one or two bottles of red along the way. 

I think this time it is clear that she is the one who has had a few too many "after fives".


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